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 It’s another story time at Nekenwa’s stories and we are bringing up another interesting story which is centered on anger management.

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“Being angry is normal but lacking it’s managerial skills is abnormal”….. Saviosantos

Anger management is a skill that every human being must cultivate.

Every living thing exhibits a level of anger and also has ways of controlling it.

As humans, we are faced with lots of challenges which sometimes lead us to being upset.

When things happen at the opposite of how we expected them, it triggers this anger in us. If we fail to manage it well, there is a great possibility of spoiling things.

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Being able to manage anger goes a long way in saving us from a lot of things.

It can save us from causing more damages. And it can also save us from eternal worries.

How anger management saved my marriage

How anger management saved my marriage from collapse
Saved marriage

It happened that the DNA test result appeared that all the three kids I have been taking care of all this while were never my children.

I couldn’t bear the pain, anger and shame.

The annoyance which has corrupted my entire being was so much that I can destroy anything if care is not taken.

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As a way of cooling off, I quickly left the house to stay with George, my very good friend.

I narrated to George what I was passing through and why I can’t go back to my house else, I might end up being a murderer.

My going to George’s place is a way of managing the burning anger.

My wife called over and over again to know why I left the house with my bag without talking to anyone.

I switched off my phone just trying to avoid being gravely annoyed.

The more I see or remind myself about her, the more angry I get.

George called her and told her that I couldn’t talk to her at the moment.

He had a meeting with her and told her what I had found out that the children were not mine.

My wife swore with her life never knowing any man if not me.

She asked George to please beg me to come back home.

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George was wise enough to tell her the implication of my coming back to the house.

He returned and told me the outcome of his meeting with my wife.

Before he could finish talking, my phone rang and it was from the hospital.

The doctor said that they have been trying to reach me but my phone was switched off.

He apologized for giving me a wrong DNA test result.

He said that there were errors and I was mistakenly handed the DNA test result of another person.

The real result states that I am the real father of my children.

I hung up the call in a shock. I lacked words at that moment.

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Minutes later, I informed George about the costly mistake the hospital made that would have caused me my family.

Quickly I packed my stuff and returned to my family.

I apologized to my wife and children for being so careless.

I focused all my attention at one DNA result without trying other places.

My family forgave me and were reunited.

The End

Though the effort I made at the beginning via leaving the house was indeed a nice move.

If I had stayed to confront my wife, something unexpected might have happened.

I know of similar cases in my area where a man wiped out his entire family because of a fake DNA result.

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When the real result came up, he committed suicide.

It is really advisable that you don’t jump into conclusions when this kind of thing happens.

Try as much as possible to visit other hospitals for their own results.

Managing anger is one skill every human being must cultivate.

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It is necessary as we live on this planet earth.

Below are outlined ways of anger management

  • Leave the premises when you are angry.
  • Avoid talking too much when you are angry.
  • If you are annoyed try watching comedy videos.
  • Switch over to something completely different from what got you upset. Eg, reading books, singing etc.
  • Another way of managing anger is by intentionally pouring water on the floor and cleaning it.
  • Take your time to think about the implications of what you are about doing.

Anger management is very important in order to promote good interpersonal relationships.

Learn to cultivate this skill.

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How anger management saved my marriage