The sight of a snake is one big problem that many people are not ready to deal with at any point in time.

Seeing the scary creature alone can make your spirit abandon your body for some seconds in fear.


Short story about how a snake attacked my little brother

It happened when I traveled to Rivers state to visit my family.

My parents were not at home and I was the eldest among my siblings.

While I was discussing with my immediate younger brother, my other little brother started screaming my name.

I hurried to know what was wrong with him and he told me that there was a snake in the house.

I thought he was kidding not until he pushed the shoe where the snake hid itself.

He tried to wear the shoe earlier but removed his leg when he heard the snake hissing.

He noticed it was the deadly reptile when it popped out of the shoe and went back inside.

We threw the shoe outside and behold the snake which appeared to be two months old came out in a speedy motion.

We have already armed ourselves with sticks waiting for the snake to surface.

When the animal came out again, we rained on it lots of floggings which denied it access to life.

We killed the reptile and I was wondering to myself what would have happened if the snake bit my little brother.



But thank God the snake was killed.

Love to read the anger of Njaba python

Snakes are some kind of wild animals that shouldn’t be kept or seen at human domiciles.

Due to its dangerous reactions, it is therefore necessary to do everything possible to keep it off.

Though to some people, keeping snakes around is advantageous. This is because the legless animals help to solve their rodents’ problems.

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While to some people like me, my first instinct when I see it is to scamper for my dear life.

Best home snake remedies

Sweet Times for Snakes

Snakes are more commonly seen when the temperatures average is between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit; usually during the spring and throughout the summer. 

The legless creatures are very active in early morning and late afternoon. 

Though during the dry season (summer) especially when the weather is very hot, snakes don’t dare to come out.

So when the dry season is gradually fading away the snakes begin their full operations. 

On some occasions we see them lying on the road as if they are dead. They are not dead, just receiving more energy from the weak sunlight. 


Though it is highly advisable to seek for the professionalism of pest control companies when dealing with snakes.

Well, what happens when you don’t have enough resources to combat these animals?

This is why I’ve come up with this post to enable you to naturally find a way of keeping snakes away from your household.

Some Reasons Why Home Remedies are Supercool


Some ideas here are borrowed from….. not all are ideas from Nekenwa Stories


Quick to Find

Majority of these home remedies to keep snakes away contain ingredients or strategies that are readily available and easy to obtain. The guidelines for their use are also easily found on the internet.


Of Good Price: 

imagine what it would cost you to pluck pepper from your garden and when you want to buy it from the market. Most home remedies to keep snakes away are significantly cheaper compared to the cost of professional products and services on the market.

Easy to Use

It would also interest you to know that most of these home remedies to keep snakes away are easy to make or implement.


Most homemade remedies to keep snakes away are also non-toxic to humans and pets compared to professional products.

Below Are The Home Remedies to Keep Snakes Away:


Dislodge their food

Imagine relocating the toy of a child. The child will definitely start looking for it in a different location.

This is just a very simple way to repel snakes in your environment.

We all know that snakes love rodents so much and it happens to be their best meal.


When you find snakes around your compound, make a good search if there are rodents around.

Deal with these rodents and see what will become of the snakes.

Once the source of food has been eliminated, snakes will move on in search of another source of food.

Hiding Places

Snakes prefer dark, damp places and are known to live and hide in cracks, crevices, and holes. 

Eliminating these hiding places can help deter snakes from taking up residence on your property. 

Carefully inspect the exterior of your home and your property and repair any cracks or holes you find. Repair any damaged gutters, piping, and ventilation ducts. 


Repair or replace any damaged screens on windows and doors. 

Snakes will also hide in wood piles and compost heaps. If possible, store firewood in sealed, lockable wood boxes. Try to get rid of any piles of wood chip mulch, straw mulch, leaves, etc. that may be collecting on your property.

Clean your yard

Sometimes dirty environments take part in harbouring snakes and other wild animals.

An example is when you leave your compound to be overrun by grasses.

You are just giving ample opportunity to snakes to come and dwell.

This home remedy to scare snakes away goes a long way in making the reptile truly stay off.


Seeing how clean and well kept the environment is, the snake does not need a soothsayer to tell it that such a place is not made for it.

You can also consider planting snake repellent plants that provide a natural deterrent. Some common examples include marigolds, lemongrass, and wormwood.

Harbor Anti-snake Animals

Foxes and raccoons are common predators of snakes. Guinea hens, turkeys, pigs, and cats will also help keep snakes away. 

If foxes are indigenous to your area, fox urine is a very good natural repellent for snakes when spread around your property.

Smoke Them Out

Snakes have an elevated sense of smell and are ultra-sensitive to odors and fumes. One smell they particularly dislike is smoke. One remedy is to dig a fire pit and let it smoke for several days – covering the embers with moss and leaves can give you the best effect.

Utilize Natural Products

There are several natural products that work well as snake repellents. Some of the more common ones include:


  • Napthalene:

Napthalene is a common ingredient found in many commercial snake repellent products. It is one of the most common snake repellents. 

  • Sulfur:

Another powerful snake repellent is powdered sulfur. To use it, place the powdered sulfur around your home and property and once snakes slither across it, it irritates their skin so they won’t return. Sulfur does give off a strong odor so consider wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth when applying it.

  • Clove & Cinnamon Oil:

Clove and cinnamon oil are effective snake repellents. These should be mixed together in a spray bottle and sprayed directly on snakes for maximum effect. Use caution as snakes will often run in the opposite direction of the spray. 

This mixture can also be used in a diffuser indoors as a fumigant, as well

  • Garlic & Onions:

The sulfonic acid in garlic and onions (the same chemical that makes us cry when we chop onions) repels snakes. 

Mix these with rock salt and sprinkle them around your home and yard for effectiveness. You can also infuse garlic into any essential oil and use it to fumigate rafters, basements, and other hard to reach places.

  • Ammonia:

Snakes dislike the odor of ammonia so one option is to spray it around any affected areas.

 Another option is to soak a rug in ammonia and place it in an unsealed bag near any areas inhabited by snakes to deter them away.

  • Vinegar:

Vinegar is effective at repelling snakes near bodies of water including swimming pools. Pour white vinegar around the perimeter of any body of water for a natural snake repellent.

  • Lime:

Create a mixture of snake repellent lime and hot pepper or peppermint and pour it around the perimeter of your home or property. Snakes don’t like the smell of the mixture and the fumes are also itchy on their skin.

If these home remedies to keep snakes away aren’t working, consider calling a wildlife control company for snake removal, snake prevention recommendations, and possibly other exterminating services like rodent control.



Dealing with snakes is something you shouldn’t handle with ease. I would really advise you to put into effort all the advisable points lifted above.

If you don’t have the money to go for commercial products then the local ideas shared here are advisable.

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