Reasons why students sleep in class

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As a teacher have you ever thought of why your students sleep in class while you are teaching? What comes to your mind when you observe this ugly situation?

It’s not really cool when you teach and notice that one of your students is sleeping.

Some teachers might show less concern while some would want to know why the sleeping.


Those bad teachers without good teaching training would pick up a cane and start flogging the child.

A child who sleeps in class could be as a result of too many reasons.

It is therefore your responsibility as a teacher to enquire why your student was sleeping when the class is ongoing.

This helps to foster the relationship that is existing between you and the students.

Why Helen was Sleeping in my Class

It was on Monday when I had my first class in SS 1(A).

After the greetings, the class started.

Few minutes into the course of the lesson I noticed that Helen was already fast asleep.

I approached her to know why she was sleeping in my class.

Before I could know what was happening, she has bursted into tears.

At first, I felt I had said something wrong, then I realised that she is either having a personal issue or something is wrong somewhere.


I tried consoling her and asked her to meet after class.

While the class continued, she went back to sleep.

During break, I asked her why she was sleeping in my class and also why she started crying when I asked her.

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There she narrated to me the ordeal she is passing through everyday in her family house.

She currently leaves with people who are not her parents and they don’t allow her to sleep till 1am.

She continues to do her house chores till that time.

Even when she is sure of doing everything before 8pm, her aunty will come up with unnecessary activities to keep her busy.

This is the exact reason why the child comes to school late, misses school sometimes and even sleeps while the class is going on.

Well, as a teacher who cares, I took up her case to the school administration and they also did their part by calling the child’s guardians to each other.

Back to Our Discussion

Like I earlier said, the reasons why students sleep in class could be as a result of one factor or the other.

It is therefore your responsibility as a professional teacher to understand why your student is sleeping while your class is going on.

Reasons Why Students Sleep in Class


Below, we shall discuss some of the reasons why students sleep in class.

1. Late night sleep

Like I pointed out in the above story. Helen goes to bed late that is why she sleeps each time she is in class.

No matter what you do, you can never cheat nature.

Sleeping early enables you to wake up early and strong.

A student who sleeps in class might be as a result of sleeping late at night.

It is your responsibility to inform them about the right time to sleep so that they could wake as early as possible.

Inform them how possible they can curb sleeping in class which has a base on their sleeping early.

2. Clubbing

This is another reason why a student can sleep in the class.

In school, when a lecturer notices that a student is sleeping in class, he would go to him or her and ask; “where did you go last night?”


Clubbing is another reason why a student could be sleeping in class.

Every student is advised to stay clear night clubbing as it is unacceptable for their academic progress and classroom activities.

3. Eating Heavy Food in the Morning

Students who sleep in class could be as a result of the heavy food they ate.

Eating foods that contain carbohydrates in the morning are not encouraged.

Avoid them because they also force you to become weak and also sleep while in class.

Therefore, you must avoid heavy foods in the morning before setting out for school.

Irrespective of the fact that you are advised not to eat heavy food in the morning, you are also strongly advised not to leave your house without breakfast.

Ensure you are something before going to sleep.

Eating lite food allows you to be energetic and lively while the class is going on.

4. Boring Topic

Boring topics are also special sleeping pills. If you want your students to sleep while you are teaching, just bring up a boring topic and see the magic.

The only way to achieve activeness in a boring topic solely depends on the teacher’s method of presenting the topic.

5. Teacher’s Teaching Methods

The methods you apply when teaching also determines if the students will sleep off or remain active till the end of the lesson.

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I have seen situations during the days of my teaching practice where I taught a class of 50 students and none of them slept for once while the class was going on. (Helen’s case was when I became a full professional teacher).


Work on your teaching methods if you notice that your students are always sleeping each time you are teaching.

6. Student’s State of Health

Another reason why a student can sleep while the class is going on could be as a result of his or her state of health.

Such a child may not be feeling fine and as such resulted in his/her sleeping while the class is ongoing.

Call for the administration’s consent so that they would know what to do about the child who is not feeling well.

7. No Teacher is Class

Why a student is sleeping in class might be as a result of having no teacher in class yet.

A student might decide to sleep due to the fact that there is no teacher  to teach them.

8. Ordered to Sleep by the Teacher

Sometimes in the primary level of education students are asked to sleep by their classroom teacher especially when no class is going on.

Such a thing happens maybe as a result of stopping the children from making noise while other classes are still having their class. 


It also comes into play when the pupils have a free period. So instead of running around, the teacher orders them to sleep.


Sleeping in class is definitely backed by a factor. It is your function as a teacher to identify the reason why the child is sleeping in class and follow it up.

Your ability to initiate a working relationship with your learners promotes activeness in class.

Do your best to ensure that your students don’t sleep when class is ongoing.

Working on your teaching skills and teaching methods helps a great deal in achieving this.

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