Why Savio Santos can be a good footballer

Many who have not seen Savio Santos play football cannot really define his style of play.

That I am not playing football today does not necessarily mean that I am not a good footballer.

Have you seen me play football in my dream before? Trust me you have not. And any day you wish to see me play just get me informed.

For you to be among the spectators you’ll have to find yourself in my dream.

And if in any way I notice that you are supporting my opponents to win against me, I will definitely kick you out of my dream land.

Over there, I’ve won so many gold medals.

I’ve won the highest goal scorer title eight times in one year, best all-time defender. I have also won the best goalkeeper of all tournaments, best forward and in fact, the world’s best player of all-time.

So don’t in any way think that if I bring up my football skills into reality that I will be a flop.

Though I have not played international leagues before (in reality), if I am given the opportunity, trust me, the best clubs all over the world will be seeking my signature.

I am Savio Santos and I know what it takes to be a good footballer. I forgot to mention, I have also won 78 trophies as a coach. All of these happened in the dream world.

So far in the whole world, I can beat my chest to tell you that I am the best in the world of football.

How I would train my footballers

If I am made the coach of any football club, trust me, I will make all my players the best in the universe.

If I can’t achieve it in reality then I will take them to the unknown to learn the skills used in the unknown.

You can imagine what will happen when my players start making use of the unknown skills.

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Since their skills are unknown, so many unknown things will begin to happen. Things like scoring unknown goals, causing unknown fouls etc.

Which football club should sign me first?

Are you all already in a haste to sign Savio Santos into your club? Well congratulations because you are about signing the best in football.

I’ve got a lot to my name so bringing in the best to your club will be my priority.

For now, I will like to start with small clubs especially the ones that are at the point of being relegated.

I will start with those clubs to enable other football clubs to understand that a great person has entered the soccer industry.

My coming to this industry is not to look at anyone’s face. I am here to win trophies.

What I will need as a new coach

I don’t like coaching on an empty stomach. The club has to look into that. Each time I am on the field with my players I always have a lap of chicken stuffed in my mouth.

The reason for this is to enable me focus and also remember the skills used in the unknown.

With the chicken in my mouth, I can easily detect where our players are going wrong and come up with lasting solutions to them instantly.

Like I said earlier, I am not here for jokes.

If we don’t win this season’s Premier League and also qualify for the Champions League next season, then we have to fire the owner of the club.

Why Savio Santos can be a good footballer

If maybe no club is interested in contracting me as their new manager, another option is available. I can also serve in the field of playing.

Just like I pointed out earlier, I have many awards in my name.

I can play in any wing that I am asked to play.

I can score from my post. My shots on target are far more stronger and higher than Christiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi is still a leaner when it comes to dribbling.

I respect the fact that these humble great footballers are something else when they are with the ball, but they are not my mates.

I can teach them football. I can teach them how we do it in the dream world.

I have played with great players in the dream world who are far better than them. My style of play is always appreciated by my fans. So no one should compare me to Ronaldo and Messi.

One more thing, Savio Santos doesn’t play in a team where another person is his Captain. Either you give me the Captain’s badge or you forget it.

I cannot be a good footballer, good coach at the same time and you want to place me under a learner.

At this juncture, the application is still open for any club interested in signing the best in the universe, Savio Santos.

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