How Nigerian students now believe that school is scam

 I was so embarrassed when I got into the class and the students started leaving one after the other.

It was my first time into their class as a Student teacher (TP student).

I reached one of them to ascertain why they were leaving. The student was bold enough to say “sir, school is scam”.

I was so bitter emotionally as to what Nigerian system of education had turned into.

For Nigerian students to believe that school is a scam, it therefore means that the society is sitting on a time bomb.

Few of them decided to stay for the class.

Because of what had happened, I decided to completely deviate from the topic we had for that day.

I did it to enlighten them on why school was never a scam.

While we moved from one story to another, which were all geared towards the importance of education, the others who left started returning one after the other.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t teach what I was supposed to teach today but am happy I was able to correct that impression of school being a scam.

When my cooperation teacher took me to the class for the first time, she informed me of how callous the students could be.

She told me that there would be a possibility of them walking out of class when I am there to teach them.

That is what I experienced today.

Without mixing words she told me not to focus on those leaving but rather channel my attention on those who had accepted to remain for the class.

For a class teacher to utter such words, it therefore means that we Student teachers are in for a hot meal.

Though I said to myself never to leave the students alone until I make a positive impact.

I know that that is not something to achieve in a day. I am believing God for the strength to help these young lads.

These children are strongly misled and are looking for their way back.

School is scam is a government’s fault

The state government or federal government has a role to play in this big problem faced by Nigerian students.

I don’t see any reason why students will be saying school is a scam when the government is living up to expectations.

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Our educational board is horrible because the government does not care.

The teachers are not carrying out their duties dutifully because the government is owning them for more than a decade.

Nigerians students are wandering about in school because no one is there to teach them.

How can the government not be blamed when the students know that there is no job for them upon graduation?

This country is so messed up that the citizens no longer believe in its repair.

The Nigerian students are greatly suffering and from my own opinion, a state of emergency should be declared in the academic sector.

A proper investigation should be carried out on why students no longer trust the system again.


The government should try their best to see how they can curtail this problem faced by Nigerian students.

An immediate intervention is needed to avoid the implosion of illiteracy in the country in the near future.

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