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Directing movie: how I found true love

Directing a movie job and she was in my eyes all along.

As a movie director, with great regards for my reputation, I have decided not to do what other directors do to their artists.

We have heard too many stories on how directors and movie producers sleep with their artists.

They deceive them by telling them that they will make them famous.

Some of these movie directors and producers are not yet famous yet they want to give what they don’t have.

Though, in some situations it is not measured that way.

A producer and or director might not be known while their artists are turned famous overnight.

Some parents had as a result of fear stopped their children into joining the movie industry.

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They believe that all movie directors and producers are the same.

As a person, I made a promise to myself never to have anything to do with my artists in terms of relationship.

I tried my best to change that tag on directors using myself as an example.

Artists especially girls are usually the ones victimised in this situation.

Though this is usually possible as a result of the level of desperation.

Many male movie directors knew about this and as a result, they used it against the female folk.

Though not all movie directors are the same anyways.

There are good ones just like we have good eggs among the many bad eggs.

During my movie shooting sometime ago, one of my artists got my attention to the extent that the producer knew I was having an interest in her.

How it all started

I was invited to Ubomiri in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo state to direct a movie.

I entered the same bus with this pretty lady.

She never said a word to me because we never knew each other.

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Though within me, my whole thought was about her and her astonishing beauty.

I couldn’t say a word because I was scared and didn’t know where to start from.

Am not good at spinning ladies or asking them out.

Just scared of not being embarrassed or insulted.

I had an urgent call in the public transport which warranted me to stop halfway.

When I returned to the house, I was able to settle the pressing need before retiring to the movie location the next day.

Though before now, I called the producer to report to him why I wouldn’t make it back there early.

He clearly understood and rescheduled the movie job for the next day.

At the movie location, I was already on ground before they could finish their morning assembly.

The producer was shocked to see me sitting outside the compound by that early morning.

We greeted each other and I once again apologized for not coming yesterday as agreed.

We got along in a very long discussion as we patiently waited for the day to be bright completely.

The upcoming artists were already set for the day and I gathered my crew members.

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We discussed the needed activities of each department and I warned that there shouldn’t be any leakage from any department.

We all introduced ourselves and got set for the shooting.

The first scene was set and the artists involved were mentioned by the Production Manager (PM).

Behold, the first person to appear at the setting was the same pretty young lady I met in the public transport.

As a professional movie director I behaved like nothing happened.

We shot the scene and achieved our purpose after many corrections.

We had a break in the afternoon where people were allowed to take their lunch.

I tried to hide my feelings for this girl as I have decided long ago to maintain a good name as a movie director.

That day was over and I didn’t talk to the girl trying to be more professional.

Though during the day, I noticed how boys were clustering around her.

She couldn’t resist them because they were in the same movie camp.

Within me, I felt some kind of jealousy and I quickly resisted myself from being jealous over a girl I know nothing about.

Even though I tried to control the feelings, I still can’t help thinking about her.

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The next day, I noticed she was nowhere to be found.

I enquired from the producer and he told me that the girl had finished the parts allocated to her and is getting ready to leave.

My mind was at peace when I heard the last line “getting ready to leave”.

At least, I still have an opportunity of seeing her again before she leaves.

As we rounded off the first scene for the new day, I noticed the producer was already talking to her.

She had with her her handbag which was a clear indication that she was leaving.

Quickly I excused myself from the actors and gathered courage to talk to her.

The producer was already done with her and so I have just little time to spend with her.

I’ll need to be fast with her so that I can go back to my movie direction.

First of all I noticed that she was leaving the camp.

I tried to make her understand how I have never felt the same ever since I saw her in the movie location.

To avoid wasting her time, I asked for her contact which she disagreed to give to me.

She then recalled that I was the same guy that entered the same public transport with her yesterday.

She looked at me and maybe she understood that I was really serious with having her contact.

Well the truth is, I don’t just need her contact, I want to know her more. 

If possible, I will even propose marriage to her there because it’s obvious I am in love.

She finally gave me her contact and I promised to call her by the end of the day.

“Please don’t call me from 9pm. I will be fast at sleep” she said.

I don’t have any problem with that” I replied.

“Quickly, I returned to the shooting while she left.

My heart was so at rest after she gave me audience and also her contact.

That night at 8:15pm, I called her two times but she refused to take my calls.

I decided not to call her again after trying to call her again the next day.

“Maybe she never liked me or maybe she gave me her contact to excuse me” I wondered to myself.

Few minutes later, she called me back and apologized for not picking my calls.

I asked her about her trip yesterday and she said she arrived home safe.

Our conversation started in a simple tone till I forgot about the movie I am directing.

Quickly, I ended the call and went to continue my job.

The movie lasted for one week and everyone got settled and returned to their various destinations.

Meanwhile, I have been in constant touch with Lynda, the lady I met in the public transport.

It (love) grew drastically

We agreed to meet at ‘Country Style’ a restaurant in Owerri for dinner.

I was the first to arrive there. My God, when she arrived, I never believed that she could be the owner of such a car.

She came with a Venza car and all my hope was gradually diminishing as I believed she had a boyfriend already.

Our conversation at the restaurant made me understand that she was a sophisticated business lady who just had interest in movie acting.

I made her understand how I have been loving her ever since we met.

She told me that she was liking me too but scared of being heart broken again.

I held her hands and looked straight into her eyes. “I love you” were the only words I could think of at that point in time.

We became lovers and after one month in our relationship, she took me to her house.

My goodness! You needed to see the kind of edifice this young lady is living in all by herself.

Though, her wealth is not my problem. Even though she appeared to be wealthier than I am, I am completely in love with her, that’s what matters.

She was shocked when I resisted the Nineteen Million Naira (19,000,000) she offered me to add up in my movie directing job.

I wasn’t there for her money. All I wanted was to love her in truth and no other one.

In all the movies I directed, I ensured I featured her especially, if was the writer of the story.

It happened that after two years in our relationship, we ended up as husband and wife.

I ended up marrying my artists even after making the decision of not having anything to do with them.

True love can make you bend too many principles and decisions.

If you are truly in love, you will need to let some certain things go.

This is what truly happened to me and till this moment, I am not regretting getting married to the best woman in the world.

Even though she is intoxicatingly rich, she still relies on me as the head of the family.


She was even tempted to relinquish her wealth to me but I resisted.

I told her to continue with her business while I continued with my movie jobs.

We are blessed with kids and living happily.

Behind the notes

Don’t use your position as a movie director to kill your destiny.

Not every woman deserves to be made love to. 

Do your best to project your artists as they in return are also projecting you.

Give way to true love. Everything shouldn’t be money at all times.

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How I found true love while directing a movie