Delta and Anambra succumbs to IPOB sit-at-home

IPOB sit-at-home order Delta state government and Anambra state to honour Biafra heroes and heroines day

The story emanating this afternoon has it that the government of Delta state and Anambra state has officially recognised the IPOB’s sit-at-home order.

As we all know, the sit-at-home order was declared by the leadership of IPOB in honour of the Biafran heroes and heroines.

IPOB has threatened hell upon any soul that faults this order on that day.

Initially, the Remembrance Day which is always commemorated every 30th of May was shifted to 31st of May due to the fact that this year’s 30th of May was on Sunday.

According to Ifeanyi Okowa the governor of Delta state, he yesterday at the 2021 Delta State Praise and Thanksgiving Day spoke about the sit-at-home order.

Gov Ifeanyi Okowa while speaking to the people of Delta State in a service of 6th anniversary celebration of his administration, said that his uncle was a victim of Biafra genocide. Therefore, it will be a great honor to give all Deltans who died during the war a special memorial service and great honor.

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Gov Okowa blasted Southeast Governors for assisting the Fulani and Hausa caliphates to abolish the history of their legends, those who sacrificed their lives for them to live.  

He called on Uzodinma, Dave Umahi to withdraw Security Operatives from killing innocent citizens.

The Delta governor also reminded them that no matter how loyal you are to the North, you never please them.

In addition to the Delta governor’s open acknowledgement of the sit-at-home order, the Anambra state government has also recognised the order.

Gov Willie Obiano has ordered the people of Anambra State to comply with the sit-at-home exercise.

According to Olu Imo Media, Obiano while addressing his cabinet at Agu Awka Govt House, said that in the Nigeria festive Calendar, the Northern and Muslin festive holidays consist the majority and were honoured and respected following the directives of Presidency. 

Therefore, it is due and lawful to observe the mourning of our Heros and Heroines in our region.

The IPOB leadership has maintained their solid threat to deal with anyone who is caught faulting the order.

From this end, I greatly advise all and sundry residing in the Eastern part of Nigeria to respect this order.

The other governors might want to try their might as governors but be advised that ‘when two elephants are fighting only the grass suffers’.

These governors don’t have their families based in this country but they are forcing you to come out and face your untimely deaths.

Let’s sit back at home and use our tongue to properly count our teeth.

Let’s stay back at home and let Monday come to pass then you go about your business from Tuesday.

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