What actually happened at Davido’s live performance

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What actually happened during Davido's live performance

So davido was invited to come perform live in my village.

My community recently got their autonomy and today the king is to be crowned.

As a way of spicing the coronation, the king invited Davido to come perform live.

After the normal coronation during the day, other events will continue till dawn.

It will be my first time to see one of the well celebrated Nigerian celebrities, so I decided never to be distracted for any reason.

As a result of this, I ensured I did everything earlier enough to avoid any obstacle when I will be going to the king’s coronation.

That our new king is to be crowned today is not what I am after. I want to see Davido for the first time.

Before 10am, I was already at the event center but they refused me access into the hall because of the crowd that was there before me.

The event hall was filled to the brim and I had no access.

“So people even slept over just to see Davido” I wondered.

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I had no other option but to wait until the king came out to greet the people already seated outside.

Few hours later, a convoy of more than 20 flashy cars entered the coronation ground.

I never knew what was happening until I started hearing people screaming “Davido! Davido! Davido!”.

Within me, I was very happy because the actual reason why I came for the occasion is about to be achieved.

The crowd that clustered his car denied me the opportunity of seeing him.

While I was still dragging my way through the crowd, I heard his voice inside the event center.

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Davido had started performing already.

The crowd at the event center became a times two (X2) of what it was initially.

The live performance lasted for about 10 minutes.

Until Davido left the occasion, I never set my eyes on him.

I became so disappointed that my purpose was never achieved.

I felt a tap me from the back and when I turned to know who touched me, behold a pretty damsel.

This kind of beauty was specially made. I believe she was created on Easter and waited to be born on a Christmas day.

“Hellooo” she said waving her beautiful palm at my face.

I realised myself and was embarrassed for having lost consciousness before a beauty.

She begged for my help as her car tyre got flat.

Well she is lucky am a mechanic and she also has the spare tyre of her car.

I helped her arrange the tyre by removing the flat one and replacing it with the reserved one.

She was so thankful and left with me her complementary card. Before then, she requested for my contact and without wasting time, I gave it to her.

Even though I never had the opportunity of witnessing the live performance of Davido, at least I got the phone number of a beautiful woman.

I know it may sound foolish that I am already falling for a girl I know nothing about.

But anyone that says that there is an existence of love at first sight, trust me, that person is never far from the truth.

At night when I got home, Zita called me.

Sorry I did not tell you earlier. Her name is Zita Andrews and she is from Anambra state.

I was surprised that she called, but I still tried to play maturity in dealing with her.

From that night, our relationship started growing. We had dinner and also had time together on many occasions.

While all this was going on, she was the one fitting the bills.

You can’t believe it that she opened for me one of the best mechanic shops in Imo state.

On a very good day, I decided to pay her a visit at her county home in Anambra.

At first she never wanted me to come but later gave in.

When she came to the pack to pick me, there I knelt before her and asked her to marry me.

I was afraid she wouldn’t say yes, but to the shock of my ears, she said yes to my proposal.

It was like I am in a program anchored by my favourite artist Davido.

I ran around the motor park like a man whom one of his uncles inflicted with new madness.

She held me to herself like she would lose me if she stopped holding me.

To be honest, it was like I had lost my sanity when she said yes to me.

Holding her tightly and kissing her, brought me back to reality.

We entered her car and she drove me to her family house.

There I met for the first time Mr Andrews Onwusigwe. The richest man in Anambra.

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She never told me that she was the daughter of a billionaire.

From the way the man looked at me, I think he is having doubts that I would be the right option for his only child.

His wife interrupted the 20 seconds silence as she welcomed us into the family.

Though I was a bit scared but when Zita held my arm, I became relaxed.

After a series of questions posed by the man, the responses I provided made him believe that he was thinking wrong about me.

I may not be as wealthy as he is but I have what it takes to care for my family.

He believed that I can take care of his daughter and also his business when he is no more.

Sorry I did not mention, his actual reason for looking at me the way he did, was to ascertain if I can actually manage his companies scattered all over the nation well.

I became a very good friend of her father and my marriage to Zita was planned and executed.

Invited guests graced the occasion. Dignitaries and well meaning people around the world came for the wedding.

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Among the artists that were invited to come perform was Davido, my favourite artist.

Officially, I have seen the Davido in reality.

Well, just like the popular saying “every disappointment is a blessing”.

I couldn’t meet or see Davido perform during our king’s coronation, but today he is performing live at my wedding ceremony.

That’s life for you.

The end.


This story is completely fictional and made for the purpose of entertainment ONLY.

Thanks for reading and remain blessed.

See ya in our next interesting story…

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