True love: James sent her a Bread love letter

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 Hi dear and I am sure you are fine during these trying times.

It’s another great moment in Nekenwa’s stories where we get bombarded with great beautiful stories.

In today’s story, it’s centered on true love and trust me, it can happen in many ways.

Showing someone how much you care or love them can be expressed in many ways. Sometimes it might be in an absurd manner or in an unthinkable manner.

So lets head down to the true love story

James was newly given the job of a baker in a small bakery company somewhere in Umuaka.

As a new guy in the company, he has been diligent in his work.

Two weeks of his work, he was promoted to a real staff of the company instead of the three months he was to serve under probation.

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His services in the bread industry and his relationship with customers really brought lots of fame to the company.

People patronised the bakery because of James.

His colleagues are jealous of him for making so many impacts in the bakery since he started working there.

James noticed their growing jealousy and was quick to obstruct it.

He met his colleagues one after the other and made them understand the reason why they are supposed to be working together instead of fighting one another.

He was able to convince them into making them start liking him there.

Months passed and the bakery was greatly improving.

Sandra, a very beautiful young lady visited the bread industry.

She approached James’ office and he was buried in his own absentmindedness.

The beautiful lady he is looking at had made him to be carried away in a few seconds.

By the time he realised himself, he stood up from his seat, shook her and asked her to sit.

Sandra supplies bread to her customers at home when they (customers) call her for such service.

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She came to hit a deal with the bread industry. She wants them to be supplying large quantities of bread to her on a daily basis. This is to enable her to satisfy the unending thirst for bread of her customers.

She was made to repeat herself after James begged her to repeat again what she had said.

He had just been carried away by the astonishing beauty sitting right before him.

He directed her to the right department that will handle her proposal. But before then, they exchanged contacts.

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Few weeks later, what he feels for Sandra kept on growing.

He opted to deliver the goods to Sandra. 

He told the management that he will deliver the goods by himself since the driver is not feeling well and he (James) was less busy.

James works in the baking department, and why he wants to deliver the bread by himself is very obvious.

On reaching her office, he offloaded the goods and got set to leave.

“Please take this bread, it is specially made for you” he said.

She collected the very small special bread and thanked him.

He drove off back to the bakery.

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Few hours later, Sandra felt hungry and decided to settle for the bread James brought.

On opening the small bread, she found a tiny piece of paper which was properly folded and inserted into the bread.

She smiled as she saw the paper and almost threw it away.

She first of all opened the paper and saw what completely changed her mind from eating.

The letter read;

“Dear Sandra, I know it would be seen as an act of stupidity and cowardice that I am sending you this letter like this. I just lack words to explain how I have been feeling ever since the first time that I set eyes on you. If someone like you is here on earth I wonder what kind of people are in heaven. To cut this whole story short, I love you and will be ready to face it’s consequences. Please take your time to eat the carrier of this letter because I personally made it for you. Thanks,


She was indeed blushing after reading the letter.

She tasted the bread and confirmed that it was sweet indeed.

The next day, she ordered bread from the bakery and requested James deliver it by himself.

When James arrived, she pretended to be upset with him.

James was sorry for going that far. He never knew she would get upset.

While he was apologizing, she bridged his apology with a kiss.

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James was shocked over what had happened.

She told him that she was also liking him but never knew how to make her intentions known.

James kissed her this time and they diverted to a very serious romantic situation.

They deeply fell in love and equally ended up together as husband and wife.

At all times, they would always talk of how they got united by a love letter. Not just a love letter but also by a bread love letter.

She fell in love after eating the bread love letter

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