Following the massacre that saw to the death of not less than five million (5,000,000) Biafrans, 30th of May is set aside to remember this people.

31st of May 2021 was declared sit at home because the supposed day (30th May) was on Sunday.

Because Biafra is a God’s own people, citizens are allowed to go to their various churches to worship and also to pray for the massacred Biafrans.

There will be full lockdown in Biafran land on the 31st of May, 2021.

Biafran sit-at-home is declared so as to remember the souls of their fallen heroes. Every man or woman, boy or girl in Biafran land is expected to sit back at home to honour this day.



In a social media post, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has shared the story of how the Biafran massacre began.
His story was drafted from the 7th of October, 1966 publication of the Times Magazine London.

“The massacre began at the airport near the Fifth Battalion’s home city of Kano.

 A Lagos-bound jet had just arrived from London, and as the Kano passengers were escorted into the customs shed a wild-eyed soldier stormed in, brandishing a rifle and demanding ‘Ina Nyamiri?’ – the Hausa for ‘Where are the damned Ibos?’.

There were Ibos among the customs officers, and they dropped their chalk and fled, only to be shot down in the main terminal by other soldiers. 

Screaming the blood curses of a Moslem Holy War, the Hausa troops turned the airport into a shambles, bayonetting Ibo workers in the bar, gunning them down in the corridors, and hauling Ibo passengers off the plane to be lined up and shot.

From the airport the troops fanned out through downtown Kano, hunting down Ibos in bars, hotels, and on the streets. 

One contingent drove their Landrovers to the railroad station where more than 100 Ibos were waiting for a train, and cut them down with automatic weapon fire.

The soldiers did not have to do all the killing. They were soon joined by thousands of Hausa civilians, who rampaged through the city armed with stones, cutlasses, matchets, and home-made weapons of metal and broken glass. Crying ‘Heathen’ and ‘Allah’ the mobs and troops invaded the Sabon Gari (strangers’ quarter) ransacking, looting and burning Ibo homes and stores and murdering their owners.

All night long and into the morning the massacre went on. Then, tired but fulfilled, the Hausas drifted back to their homes and barracks to get some breakfast and sleep. 

Municipal garbage trucks were sent out to collect the dead and dump them into mass graves outside the city. The death toll will never be known, but it was at least thirty thousand.

Somehow several thousand Ibos survived the orgy, and all had the same thought: to get out of the North.”

– Times Magazine London, 7 October, 1966.

Sit at home to honour the dead. God will definitely see us through.

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