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 As the story is emanating this morning from Anambra, it was reported that men of the Nigerian army has blocked all entrance in the bridge.

From a video shared by ‘Real Happening’ through their Facebook page has it that the Nigerian soldiers is refusing people from coming and going out of Anambra through the head bridge.

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As told by an eyewitness in the video who is about traveling to Lagos but trapped in Anambra cried out on the ugly situation.

It was gathered that the soldiers were doing this as a way of avenging the alleged murder of 5 of their colleagues by the Unknown Gunmen.

Click this link ‘‘ to watch the video on Facebook.

People are passing through a lot of horror as this situation is worsening in the state. Motorists are stopped from entering or leaving Anambra state. Only motorcyclists and pedestrians are allowed to walk the long journey.

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Meanwhile, sit-at-home is declared on the 31th of May 2021 by the IPOB leadership as a way of honouring the fallen heroes and heroines of Biafra.

People are therefore advised to stay in their various homes on this very day as it is gradually turning out as a no child’s play anymore.

Army blocks Onitsha head bridge in Anambra state
Onitsha head bridge blocked

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Video: Anambra on fire as army blocks Onitsha head bridge