Unknown Gunmen set Abia state CID on fire

 Abia state CID on fire courtesy of Unknown Gunmen

The story coming up in the late hours of Saturday has it that the Unknown Gunmen have set ablaze the state CID of Abia.

The Unknown Gunmen who are simply identified as UGM took their outreach to the Abia police command.

As at the time of writing this story it was confirmed that about 15 police officers didn’t survive the attack.

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People ran out of their homes as the Umuahia police station was destroyed by the Unknown Gunmen.

According to a video published by BBC people were seen running for their lives as no one knows what will be the next line of action.

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The attacks by the UGM are no longer seen these days as an evil act by the people.

In other words, people praise them for what they are doing. A good example is what happened a few days ago in Imo.

Two UGM were spotted in their car while the people gathered around them and were singing praises to them.

No one knows the intentions of these Gunmen as their identity remains hidden as their activities continues to circulate.

Click this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/258382411790649/permalink/757756535186565/?app=fbl to watch the video of inmates released from the state’s CID

Abia state CID is on fire by the Unknown Gunmen
Abia burnt CID

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