How to know the right time to be in a relationship


Right time to be in a relationship

Some people like me have made great mistakes especially being in a relationship at the wrong time.

Have you ever wondered when it is the right time to be in a relationship?

Just like my father would always say, “one does things he is fit and capable of doing”.

You can never do anything beyond your powers no matter how hard you try.

The actual time to be in a relationship should be well defined so that you won’t end up making unnecessary mistakes.

The cases of heartbreaks and never surviving relationships is as a result of unpreparedness before being in a relationship.

To avoid heartbreaks in a relationship is very simple. The only solution is if you know the best time to start a relationship.

Do not be in a relationship because your friends are in it already.

Doing things because others are doing it kills talent and gifts.

In some cases you will end up with the wrong person which will definitely lead to a breakup.

The right time to be in a relationship

For you to know if you are old enough to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend then you must answer the following questions correctly.

Q 1. Am I ready for pregnancy?

As a lady, are you ready to become pregnant and also keep the baby.

If your intention is to get pregnant and abort that child, sorry if I say that you are demonic and never ready to be in a relationship.

Also, as a boy who wants to be in a relationship, are you ready to be a father when it happens?

I pointed out pregnancy because many of today’s associations are based on sexual satisfaction.

People fail to understand that any man/woman who wants you to always have sex with him/her is never the man for you.

If maybe due to your carelessness during your relationship and she conceives, what will you do?

The response you give to yourself now will determine your preparedness for being in a relationship.

Q 2. Do I want to remain a virgin till marriage?

If ‘YES’ is your answer here, then you are not ready to be in a relationship.

Just like I pointed out earlier, 96% of today’s relationship is based on sexual intercourse.

You rarely can see a boy and a girl who are befriending each other without having carnal knowledge of each other.

If you want to remain pure until you marry, I will strongly advise you remove your mindset from being in a relationship for now.

Q 3. How financially buoyant am I?

Some would say that they can manage even when their partner doesn’t have money.

My dear, that is a total fallacy. With the kind of contemporary society we live in today, money is very crucial.

Even though she won’t request for money, at least she needs to look sweet and fresh.

Congratulations if she has money. But if you are a real man, never would you allow a woman to take man’s responsibilities.

I am not saying that money should be the utmost in your relationship. All I am saying is that, you should at least have a little pocket change to provide her little needs.

Q 4. Am I the jealous type?

This is yet another question you should ask yourself at all times.

Because you are in love with her, that is not enough reason why she must cut off her relationship with other people.

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When you are not ready to see her associating with other people, then you are not ready to be in a relationship.

Q 5. Should I worry about what people would say about him?

People are used to talking. Some would say that she/he is not good enough for you.

Are you moving into a relationship as a result of a particular factor? What is it about him that you are in love with?

Listen, if you can’t love everything about your partner then you are not ready to be in a relationship.

Q 6. Am I ready for marriage?

If you are not ready for marriage then you are not ready to be in a relationship.

If your intention is just to have a girlfriend/boyfriend and that’s it, then you are not ready.

You should be thinking of how to get married to your partner probably after 3-4 months of your relationship.


Relationships shouldn’t be for the weak and the young ones (teenagers). One has to be ready for it.

It is left for you as an individual to decide for yourself if this is the right time to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Whatever response you provide for yourself, I wish you the best of luck.

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