The frustration Real Madrid gave Chelsea

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Chelsea frustrated by Real Madrid FC
The moment Pulisic sent Chelsea to the winner ladder

Haba! It was something else. Real Madrid really frustrated Chelsea’s hope of reaching the finals.

Benzema’s goal frustrated my gift from reaching me.

Jonathan promised me a new phone if Chelsea won the game against Real Madrid.

But the goal by Benzema just shattered that hope.

Well just like they said, all hope is not lost.

At least, one more game to go so that we will know who will climb the final UCL ladder.

Jonathan is a hardcore Chelsea fan and he can do anything just to see Chelsea win.

He has traveled to England on many occasions and each time he got to England, he ensured he visited Stamford Bridge.

His love for Chelsea is so loud that people in my area nicknamed him “Jona-chelsea”.

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My hope for a new phone got lifted the moment Pulisic sent Chelsea to the leading position in the game.

After Pulisic scored the opening goal for Chelsea FC at the 14th minute of the first half, the whole room was filled with so much excitement.

Chelsea fans in the film hall started getting drinks for everyone believing that they have reached the finals no matter what.

Well, there is this saying that still makes sense till date, “it is not over until it is over”.

At the 29th minute Benzema showed off his classic moves.

Benzema returned Real Madrid FC to the leveller frustrating Chelsea’s hope of reaching the finals.

This was the goal that denied me the new phone I have washed my hands to start using.

I approached Jonathan for any possibility of getting the phone and he said, “until we win the game”.

I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that I have to wait for the second match of the UCL.

Well, the second match between the two European clubs will determine which team will reach the finals.

With the performance Chelsea pulled up during the match, there is hope for the fans.

Let’s keep our hands crossed while we patiently wait for the day for the second leg.

You’ve seen that phone. I must get it.

Sorry to all my Madrid fans, I know that if you don’t win the next game that won’t be the end of life. Definitely you will win next time.

I just want to get this phone from Jonathan.

At least once in a long time let me eat what is cooked by Jonathan.

But if Madrid FC wins in the next game, I will not kill myself.

For my sake, Real Madrid FC should just behave like mumu and allow Chelsea to win the game.

Somebody is ready to stone me! Lol.

Abeg, no vex! Any team that wins, congratulations in advance.

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