man refuses to be arrested until he cum

man refuses to be arrested until he cum

Wonders shall never end. A man has refused to be arrested until he cum.

The young man who was said to be involved in a criminal offense refused to be arrested until he finishes what he was doing in bed with his girlfriend.

Reports had it that the Imo Police Department (IPD) came to his house to arrest him only to meet him sleeping with his girlfriend.

When they (IPD) broke into his house, they tried to force him out of the lady but he was more powerful than the three officers.

He was begging them to allow him cum else he is not going anywhere.

The officers obliged and finally, when he felt he had achieved his purpose, he freely gave himself to the officers and was taken to the station.

This is one of the funniest stories I have heard all my life.

If that is the case it means that the police are now having respect for what is natural.

For them to allow this young man finish his bed activity, hmmm, that’s interesting.

Further story had it that Mr Kane who was arrested for a criminal offence wasn’t the person the police were looking for.

According to reports, he brought his girlfriend to his friend’s house where he could freely make love to her without any disturbance.

After all apologies he was set free while all eyes remained on his hardened criminal friend who is no where to be found.

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