Have you wondered why you are not succeeding, or have you thought about why you are not making it? Do you know that an unforgiving heart could be your problem?

This life we live in is filled with mysteries, so it is made by its Creator (God).

If you think of succeeding and in one way or the other not in a good relationship with some group of people then you are deceiving yourself.

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If you must succeed you must learn to forgive.

How this is possible

Have you ever been in an enmity with someone before? What are the feelings like when you see him or her?

Sometimes when they are the first people we meet in the morning, to us we feel that that day is cursed. Some might even decide not to go anywhere again for that day.

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If truly you want to succeed in this life it is very important you learn to let go of all the offences committed against you.

Another reason why success can be bridged as a result of unforgiveness is because your life achievements are rested on whom you call your enemy.

It’s true. Someone you call your enemy could be your saviour or your destiny helper.

I have seen it happen in many cases.

A situation where the son of a man’s enemy gave his kidney to save the life of his father’s enemy.

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Now the reason why the boy did it is not necessary, what is more important is that he saved the life of his father’s enemy.

If this boy had maintained that because this man was his father’s enemy so he can’t help him, that man would have died.

After the kidney transplant the man reconciled with the boy’s father and also made a promise to himself and to his God that he will be good to everyone.

Pray to have a forgiving heart because when you let go of your worries you open your mind to open doors.

A heart that can’t forgive never knows peace. At all times you are thinking of what to do to your enemy.

The time you were supposed to invest in thinking on how to become useful to yourself, you are already thinking of how to deal with people.

Success only comes in when you are open minded. 

Learn to forgive so that you will give yourself the opportunity of welcoming open doors and unexpected blessings.

How unforgiveness can bridge success

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