Yahoo school is better than Nigeria formal education

A single lady simply identified as Ruth Junke had decried her hatred for formal education and pledges that all her unborn children shall attend Yahoo education instead.

According to Ruth, the system of education has failed in Nigeria. 

“Here, you cannot finish schooling and have the hope of gaining employment”.

“Instead of having a good job the government will encourage you to start an entrepreneurial skill”.

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“Yahoo education is the best. At least you will learn how to scam people and also make money out of it”.

“The mistake my parents made was forcing me to school here in Nigeria”.

“Unfortunately, the system of education we have in this country will not teach you how to put into practice what you have learnt”.

“Every year, the school graduates millions of half-baked students”.

“The problem is that, in this country you don’t get well educated and even when you graduate, you still would not get a good job”.

On her definition about Yahoo Education

According to Ruth, Yahoo Education is an informal educational system where individuals go to learn the various skills in duping or scamming people.

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In a further explanation she said that with Yahoo Education people will be taught the very simple ways to make money online.

Why she don’t feel bad about the fraud education

Ruth has made it clear that she is not ashamed to enroll her children into such kind of schooling.

According to her, the White people who are majorly the victims of these yahoo boys are not her concern because these people came to Africa and defrauded us.

“They took away priceless African precious stones and now our children (yahoo boys) are gradually retuning the stolen precious properties”.

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She further added that the leaders of this country had vowed to make life unbearable for the younger generations and as a result they have no option than to make use of the available means of survival.

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“So my conclusion is that, when I have my own children I shall send them to a Yahoo school”.

What is your take on this story? Do you support the ideas of Ruth Junke or you are at the opposing side?

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