Signs he is no longer interested in the relationship

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Signs that pops up when he is no longer interested in the relationship 

It happened that after all the signs he was showing forth she never understood the point.

Katrina was madly in love with Chidex but Chidex on the other hand was already losing interest in her.

In many occasions Chidex tried to show her in a nonverbal actions that he was done with the relationship but she never paid attention.

The only time Katrina was made to believe or understand was when she caught him in bed with another woman.

Even when he was caught red-handed, he never minded instead he continued with what he was doing.

If not for friends who came to visit Katrina, she would her committed suicide.

They met her on the ground gasping for air. Thank God they were quick to relocate to a nearby hospital.

She regained consciousness and was alive to tell her story.

According to Katrina, some of the signs exhibited by Chidex included the following;

1. Calling Her Full Name

According to her, Chidex has never called her by her first name since they started dating but recently, he suddenly changed. Calling her honey, sweetheart, and other pet names as it was the case before stopped.

2. Stopped phoning as usual

She said she started noticing that Chidex was losing interest in their relationship when he stopped calling her on the phone as usual.

According to her, a day won’t pass without Chidex calling her on the phone.

His sudden drop in phoning raised an eyebrow. It started clustering this fear of she losing him to someone else.

3. Scolding at her

Katrina also indicated that Chidex never for once scolded her, but when he started losing interest in her, there is nothing that she does that pleases him again.

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In some cases he is even tempted to raise his hands on her.

4. No longer care

When they were dating according to Katrina, Chidex never stopped enquiring about her health and also wanting to know if she was eating well at all or not.

As time passed, those cares started fading. He never bothered to know about her wellbeing again.

5. Lost access to his properties

Before she had access to his belongings especially wearing of his clothes each time she visited him but he suddenly stopped.

He stopped her from wearing his clothes and even touching his other belongings like phones etc.


Well thank God she survived that suicidal attempt to tell her story.

When you notice these kinds of signs in your relationship endeavour to call the attention of your partner.

Try and understand if you both of you are in the same boat together or you are all alone.

An earlier enquiry and response will go a long way.

I know it will be very difficult to let go due to the fact that you are madly in love. But be greatly advised that to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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