In a viral video, Rita Edochie has forgiven Ada Jesus.

Few weeks ago Ada Jesus was seen in a video where she criticised Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere popularly known as Odumeje.

She claimed that Odumeje’s source of power is never from God and also Rita Edochie has a hand in the way his miracles are carried out.

Ada Jesus fell sick a few days/weeks after making that video.

Ada Jesus is an upcoming Nigeria comedian whose videos are majorly single and interesting.

Over the weeks she got involved in insulting a man of God Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere and also a popular Nollywood actress Rita Edochie.

Her illness warranted her to ask for forgiveness from the people she offended.

At initial, Rita Edochie refused to forgive her because of the lies she told against her. In today’s video, she has informed the world that she has forgiven Ada Jesus.

Rita also advised her and the people listening to her to desist from talking against Men and Women of God especially her own pastor Prophet Odumeje.

It is advisable people learn to engage in matters that concern them.

Irrespective of the fact that Rita Edochie and Pastor Odumeje are not the owner of her life, we still wish her safe recovery.

Watch video below

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