How to reduce stomach fat without taking medications

So I woke up in the morning and wondered how to help my uncle reduce his big stomach.

As if what I was thinking is already happening, I noticed he was worried when I went to his house.

One of my uncles who had a very big stomach was so worried because the woman he loved so much refused to marry him because of his fat belly.

At all times he is worried and wondered what he could do to reduce his big stomach.

Though as a person who loved my family so much I introduced to him something that he had feared since his childhood.

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My uncle hated exercises right from childhood but this time, he must face his worst nightmares if he must marry the woman after his heart.

I promised him I will help him reduce his big belly without taking medications if and only if he is ready to face his worst nightmares.

Because he had no options, he obliged.

He promised to pay for my services from the day we started.

How we began the journey of belly fat reduction


Ways of reducing stomach fat without medications

We started the exercise by embarking on a road walk. From 5am we jugged from the house to the market which is about 10 meters from home.

Though at intervals I allowed him to rest because he was not used to what he has embarked on.


Reducing stomach fat without medications

When we returned, I asked him to rest a little bit before we continued.

I gave him my skipping rope and asked him to skip.

Though it was very difficult for him, his determination never stopped him.

He kept on skipping for about an hour then I allowed him to rest fully.

We ended the walkout for that day and we retired to our various activities.

The next day, we continued. We had another road walk and skipping before retiring to the next level of exercise.

Skipping is achievable when you are tightly holding the skipping handle rolling it forward or backwards.

The rope in it fastness will force you to jump either with both legs or one leg at a time depending on your choice of skipping.

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Gradually, my uncle’s fat belly was greatly reduced. When he noticed this, there were signs of happiness.


Reduce belly fat quick

This is another level of walkouts that was very difficult for him but he still needed to do it.

It is achieved by lying down flat with your back touching the floor. Your legs are raised a bit higher, lift your head a bit higher followed by your shoulder.

Your lifted legs should be widely crossing each other repeatedly. Take a five seconds rest after every 20 seconds.

This form of exercise works greatly for the reduction of stomach fats.


Reduce stomach fat without medications and with ease

Jackknife exercise position is a belly fat killer.

It is almost the same thing as crisscrossing but unlike crisscrossing you need to pull your hands straight and bit higher above your head.

It is achieved by lifting your two legs a bit higher (without crossing them) and also lifting your two hands a bit higher above your already lifted head.

Ensure that your legs and hands are up to give the shape of the image above.

This particular exercises greatly worked for my uncle. Within a period of seven days, his stomach reduced drastically, and when he went back to the woman he wished to marry, she couldn’t recognise him.

They wedded and till this very moment my uncle has never stopped to do his exercises.


Big stomach is not a sign of too much money or signs of enjoyment, if you don’t work on it you will definitely have yourself to blame.

It is advised you don’t do all these exercises at the same time so that you won’t shut down, lol.

If you are not used to walkouts I will advise you to take it bit by bit with time you will get adjusted to it.

Also bear in mind that at the beginning of your walkouts you will be having body pains, I will strongly advise you not to take any medications. With time it will get used to the new shape of your body.

Your stools and urine will definitely change but don’t be scared, it is normal.

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