Pregnant woman in trouble as baby refuse abortion

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The baby of a pregnant lady has refused to be aborted right from conception
Pregnant lady

Earlier today the story of a pregnant woman who wanted to abort her baby circulated the whole of Ekwe in Isu LGA of Imo state.

The pregnant woman was said to have hidden the pregnancy from her parents and friends while she secretly sort for means to abort the child.

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In her quest to commit the abortion, she had taken so many herbal mixtures and concoctions which proved useless.

Right from the day she noticed she was pregnant she was taking the abortive drugs.

Unfortunately for her, all her attempts to remove the child proved unworkable.

Medical complications made the child to have a very big head.

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A lab test showed that she was to have a baby boy but must be delivered through cesarean section (operation).

The reason for the cesarean section is because the head of the baby is now bigger than the exit point (vagina) and also, the legs are facing down instead of the head.

Unfortunately for the pregnant woman, the amount mentioned in order for she to undergo the operation was way too high.

At this point all prayers are going for the survival of the woman and her unborn child.

Following People’s Thoughts

What reason do you have to abort the child God has given to you?

A baby that all attempts made to be aborted was fruitless must definitely be a destined child.

When she was having sex it was so fun and now, the man responsible has denied responsibility and she is suffering it all alone.

Every woman/man who knows she/he is not ready to have a child out of wedlock should stay free from premarital sex.

No child is born or created to suffer or be murdered before birth or at birth. All those who advise people into committing abortions should desist from it.

Every child given to every home is destined for a purpose therefore, they should all be given the love and care that they deserve.

To the pregnant woman who will be putting to birth soon we wish you a safe delivery.

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