Ole escape heavy critique after winning Roma

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scape heavy critique after winning Roma
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United coach)

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer escaped another #OleOut trend after winning Roma in the Europa League first leg of the semi finals.

Meanwhile let me share a short story of what happened in my house before this match began.

My father, a hardcore Chelsea fan said to us that Manchester United will lose today and after the match, the exit door for Ole Solskjaer will be widely open.

Janet, my little sister who is 10 years old and also a diehard Man Utd fan, argued against it.

She said that if Roma wins Man Utd that she will not eat for one week.

My father laughed at her childishness knowing fully well that Janet loves to eat plenty of food.

To lighten the discussion my dad promised to give her $200 if Man Utd won the game.

Well, I trust my father and I know he can do whatever he promises.

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The match had begun and 9 minutes into the first half, Bruno Fernandes had scored the opener for Manchester United.

Janet was so happy as the sound of her voice even woke my mother from sleep.

My dad didn’t say a word because he so much believed in the saying “the end justifies the means”.

At the 15th minute a penalty was awarded to Roma which was beautifully scored by Pellegrini.

My father did not celebrate because he knew that the match had not ended.

33 minutes later, Dzeko scored another beautiful goal for Roma. 

At this point my father started jubilating while my little sister became sad.

At the break, she refused to talk to anyone nor did she oblige to eat her meal.

The second half began and she became so mad with Ole (Man Utd coach) for not making any changes after a disastrous first half.

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As a result of this, she went to her room to stay losing all hope that her favourite football club had lost the match.

At the 48th minute of the second half, Cavani returned Manchester United to the game with a clean goal.

I quickly rushed to her room to give her the good news.

At the sound of that, she hurriedly returned to the sitting room and confirmed it to be true.

Once again she felt relaxed and sat back on the cushion to watch the remaining part of the game.

At the 64th minute, Cavani came again to give the Red Devils another lead.

Fernandes did his thing at the 71 minutes to score a penalty for the United fans.

Paul Pogba saw the back of the net with an amazing goal at the 75th minute.

Janet’s happiness was knowing no bounds as Greenwood ghosted in another goal at the 86th minute which crowned the end of the match.

Before my father could say a word, Janet stretched her hands requesting for her money.

Without holding back my father gave her the $200 he promised her before the match began.

Back to Ole escaping critiques

Just like my little sister Janet many Man Utd fans were already tweeting #OleOut after the first half.

The coach refused to make changes even after going down to 1-2 in the first half.

But winning Roma 6-2 gave people reasons to believe that you don’t make conclusions at the beginning of anything.

Just like Father Mbaka sang in one of his songs “bad market is usually declared after the day’s sales, not when the sales are still going on”.

Ole winning that match was indeed an unexpected event. 

Anyways a big congratulations to Janet for winning daddy’s $200 and also to United fans for winning the game against Roma.

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