Nnamdi Kanu immortalises Ikonso in Imo

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Nnamdi Kanu immortalises Ikonso in Imo state
Late commander Ikonso Don in one of IPOB’s peaceful protests.

The supreme leader of IPOB has immortalised Ikonso Don in Imo state.

During an emergency live broadcast on Radio Biafra, Kanu made the pronouncement.

We all know what happened at Awonmama of Imo state on the 24th of April, 2021. The Nigerian joint forces under the invitation of Hope Uzodimma invaded Ikonso and murdered him.

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The forces claimed that members of ESN engaged them in a gun battle and their commander died in the process.

The leadership of IPOB has faulted this claim and tagged it a ‘military lie’.

As claimed by the leadership of IPOB, Ikonso was not shot but injected with a poisonous substance which stopped the inflow of breath.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that the Imo Government House and Douglas Road are henceforth renamed “Ikonso House” and “Ikonso Way” respectively.

As a way of honouring the fallen ESN commander (Imo command), Kanu renamed these two areas after him.

Kanu further stated that the Imo Government House and Douglas Road should be addressed after Ikonso and no longer it’s colonial name.

Recall that Douglas House and Douglas Road were never indigenous to the people of Imo state, rather a name gotten from one of the British colonial masters incharge of Imo.

Well for me, immortalising Ikonso is a great way of honouring the great hero and using Douglas House and Douglas Road to do such was a great move by the IPOB leader.

This is another way of totally eradicating the stains and traces of colonialism when Biafra is finally restored.

As we look up to the very day God will give us Biafra, let’s continue to fight the good fight.

Like the whole word knows, IPOB is a peaceful group of people, let it remain the way it has always been.

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