Hunted Hunter

It happened that many group of hunters entered the forest to try their luck.

Animals had refused to show up for quite a long time and the hunters agreed to hunt and share the game equally.

On a very good day, they entered the forest for another trial.

After wanderings in the forest, they were blessed with an antelope.

Happiness reigned among them as they have been able to catch an animal after many months of scouting.

The hunters gathered at the home of the Hunters Association chairman.

They wer to go home and come back in the evening prepared for their share of the meat.

With happiness they all agreed and retired to their various homes.

At around 7:30pm, all the hunters had gathered waiting for their own part of the meat.

The chairman went inside and came shouting. 

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When they enquired about what had happened, he declared to them that the antelope was missing.

The hunters did not believe the story of the chairman as they went inside his room to find the missing antelope.

Their search was fruitless. Many believed that the chairman had hidden the meat and want all of it for himself.

They opted to lay a course on anyone who has stolen the meat.

The hunters pointed their guns into the sky and made a pronouncement.

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“Whoever stole this antelope, as we fire into the sky so shall you die by gun”.

They fired the gun into the air and all went home without talking to one another.

One week later, the hunters had returned to the forest for another hunting.

Mr Ikedi, the youngest of them all, saw what he confused as an antelope and shot at it.

He shouted to others that he had killed a game.

They all rushed to the scene and behold it was David, the one who newly married Helen.

David was in a pool of blood and while he was taking his last breath, he confessed that he stole their last game and was sorry.

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It was now clear to them that the chairman did not steal the meat but Mr David.

After his confession, he gave up the ghost.

The hunters took his lifeless body to his family and narrated how everything happened.

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