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A woman has told her husband that she has found another man and is no longer interested in their marriage.

The marriage I believed to have existed for more than six years ends in tears after the woman told her husband that she had found a new partner.

Mrs Jane Iwunna has already two children for her husband, Mr Kennedy Iwunna.

She claimed that she got married early and did not have the opportunity to enjoy her youth.

“I want to go and enjoy my youth,” she maintained.

Her husband tried his best to keep her but she left with her boyfriend whom she earlier introduced as her cousin.

Her boyfriend whom she escaped with has always visited and each time he visited she introduced him as her cousin.

No one knew that he was the new husband she had found.

Mr Kennedy, her husband, cried his eyes out begging her to stay but she refused and left.

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I’ve found a new husband – woman tells husband