Why sex shouldn’t be everything

Reasons why sex shouldn't be everything

The nature of our today’s society has made relationship something everyone wants to get involved in. And when they get into relationship their first priority becomes to have sex.

Having sex is not wrong but the question is, are you in the right situation of making love? The person you are sharing your matrimonial bed with who is he/she to you?

It’s a very big shame to lose your virginty to someone who will never marry you in the nearest future.

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Relationship shouldn’t be all about sex. Learn to love because without love no relationship can ever function effectively.

Youths nowadays have likened ‘true love’ to ‘Love making’ which is completely a very big lie.

Defining your relationship

Your relationship will be in a very big mess if not we’ll defined.

You will be used as a sex toy and at the end of the day, you are still dumped.

No person gets heartbroken if his or her relationship is well defined.

That is to say, if you know what you want in a relationship, it will help you prevent other things which are likely going to bring disdain to your principles.

It hurts me when I hear that some ladies approve sex on a first date. Even though you see truth in whatever he is saying, my dear having sex with him on your first date is madness.

Sex shouldn’t be the priority of any relationship. Like I said earlier, every relationship should be well defined.

The joy of maintaining your reputation

Have you ever noticed that ladies who don’t wear seductive clothes attract honest husbands than their opposite ladies?

There is this neighbour of mine who is always on a less seductive clothes but always on attractive wears. People mocked her for being too saintly. 

Do you know that this lady got married, had kids and still living happily with her family compared to her counterparts who mocked her in the neighbourhood.

This is just a complete explanation to Ngozi Ezeonu’s movie line. She said, “when a man wants a girlfriend he goes for ladies that wear seductive clothes. When he wants to marry, he goes for ladies whom he believe could manage his home well”.

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This in other words means that, when a man wants to settle down he goes for women who can take care of the family in their absence.

Having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend

Avoid having sex with someone who is not your husband. God despise it and warns you against it.

Just imagine a situation where you are married and the man who had sex with you when you were still single visited.

Would you still be proud enough to tell your husband that he (your husband) is the only man who has seen your nakedness?

Can you be proud to tell your female daughters that their father was the first and only man to see your nakedness?

This same question goes to the men. If you were found in this kind of situation would you also be proud to tell the truth?

All these are questions we need to ask ourselves.

Keeping ourselves stainless till marriage has a lot of pride attached to it.

Finally, sex shouldn’t be everything. Learn to maintain your dignity trust me you shall find the right person at the right time.

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