Ebubeagu not security agents but informants – Hope Uzodimma

 My goodness! So Ebubeagu which we all thought was a security outfit is never what we thought it was.

Hope Uzodimma in his press conference reminded the Easterners that Ebubeagu was never an alternative to police.

He said that the outfit was made available only to produce information for the police.

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My question is, why were they tagged ‘Regional security operatives’ when their duty is to only give information to the police?

It is unfortunate how the leaders of our country, especially the South East governors, are treating their people.

At first they refused setting up a security outfit just like other regions did to protect their people.

When they saw that Nnamdi Kanu had unveiled the people’s accepted Eastern Security Network, boom they came up with Ebubeagu.

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They lied to us that Ebubeagu was a security outfit but they were merely informants.

It’s high time they stopped this atrocities they are perpetuating in our land and work with Nnamdi Kanu to save our people.

Fighting Nnamdi Kanu or your own people only to satisfy a particular group of people is madness.

The money you get in order to sell the future of the Igbo generation will choke you all. Turn around now and do the right thing.

Support Eastern Security Network and forget about your Ebubeagu because the Easterners prefer and believe in the efficiency of the ESN.

Hope Uzodimma has revealed that Ebubeagu is not a security outfit but rather local informants to the police
Hope Uzodimma

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