Two drunk brothers fight hard because of a woman

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In Umuaka two brothers said to come from the same parents were spotted fighting because of a woman.

From an inner close it was acquired that the two brothers were drunk.

Izunna and Obinna were drunk and the lady in question was said to be the woman they met on their way back home.

The lady was seen on the highway waiting for a taxi to flag down. When the two brothers under the influence of alcohol drove close with their motorcycle, they stopped to give the girl a ride.

Izunna who was said to be the cyclist approached the first while Obinna followed.

Arguments initiated and the two drunk brothers began to fight.

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In the heat of the fight as people gathered to separate the fighting drunkards, Izunna bit off Obinna’s skin and in retaliation Obinna bit his ear off.

They were both rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

It would shock you to know that when they woke up the next morning they were asking their parents why they were in the hospital and why they are wearing plasters.

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