How I lost after Benfica FC won

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Benfica FC won their match against Santa Clara


The game Benfica FC won against Santa Clara was indeed a must celebrate one but everything changed when I got back home.

Well it’s my story and don’t get pissed off that I am telling it.

Am a lover of football and I ensure I know who won the game if I didn’t have the opportunity of watching the match.

The Benfica match against Santa Clara was a big game which I have proposed to watch at my home with my girlfriend.

Jack, my very good friend came over to take me to his house.

He said it would be great if we watched the game together at his place.

I told him how impossible it would be for me to leave my girlfriend all alone at home to watch the Benfica match with him at his place.

Before I could finish my statements, my girlfriend had already concluded “I will be fine”.

That didn’t sound convincing but she meant it when she came close and gave me a kiss.

“Just go with your friend, I will be fine” she insisted.

Without further arguments, I obliged to follow Jack to watch the almighty Benfica game at his place.

Before leaving, I kissed her so tightly and it was as if I wasn’t gonna come back again.

Why I did that, I never knew. I have never felt like this before.

At Jack’s place which was in the next compound, we got ready to watch the match.

The game is about to begin and both teams of Benfica FC and Santa Clara FC are all coming out.

I hate distractions so very much, so I sat keenly on the sofa watching the game with Jack.

Jack offered me a chilled drink which I collected while focused on the already started game.

Few seconds to the game, I began to feel dizzy and never knew when I slept.

72 minutes in the game

I woke up to see myself being watched by the television.

“This is never happening” I said to myself. I have never watched a football match and fall asleep no matter how boring the game is.

Benfica was already winning Santa Clara 2-1.

I looked around and Jack was nowhere to be found.

I thought he had gone out to get something. Within me, I still wondered why I slept when a great match like that of Benfica and Santa Clara is going on.

To me, it became so embarrassing. Since Jack was nowhere to be found, I shutdown the TV and returned to my house to finish the match.

On reaching my house, familiar voices were coming from the bedroom. It was like “yes! Do me more! I like it, don’t stop!” bla bla bla……

I thought it was a movie that my girlfriend was watching in the bedroom not until I drew closer to the door and it was actually her voice that was muttering those words.

I quickly opened the door and behold, Jack was in bed with my girlfriend.

At this point I was confused and returned to the sitting room without saying a word.

Within me, I was asking myself, did Jack lure me to his house so that he could drug me and have access to my girlfriend?

It was dawn on me that my girlfriend actually wanted me to leave the house so that she could have an uninterrupted moment with Jack.

No wonder we kissed like we were losing each other.

Of all the people I know why Jack? He is my very good friend.

The two lovebirds came out from the room looking sorry and apologetic.

I wouldn’t want anything to trigger the already burning anger so I asked them to leave my house and my life for good.

This is how I ended my relationship with Anna and Jack after Benfica FC won their match.


Thanks for reading this interesting story. Please note that this story is completely fictional and has no traces of truth. Please disregard every form of familiarity.

Lots of love from this side.

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