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Many have wondered what exactly they can do to make life an easy one. 

Irrespective of the fact that it is believed that this world is an interesting place the happenings around keep on proving it as a false assertion.

Living a life of happiness is only possible depending on the individual involved. That is to say, it is left for you to decide to be happy or not.

In this post, I will point out some of those lifestyles you can adopt. These among many other ways of life will enable you to acquire rest of mind only when you put them into practice.

9 Lifestyles that makes life easy

1. Regular exercise

Exercise does a lot of great work to the human body. A constant exercise enables you to live an easy life.

Do you know that some one who engages in body exercises hardly falls sick?

Sickness makes you feel different from other people. You might find it difficult to do what others are doing and so on and so forth.

Engaging in exercises for it will help you a great lot.

You may wish to skip days of walkouts but it is still very important you engaged in body exercises at all times. At least, morning before going for work and night before going to bed.

It will not only make you live an easy going life, but it will also improve your state of mind and state of health.

2. Peaceful living

Have you been in serious or minor misunderstanding with your neighbour(s)? This is why you are not having a happy moment.

You are struggling with yourself because your mind is not at peace with someone else.

The only way to live an easy life in this regard is only when you make peace with your enemies or neighbours.

“A heart of enmity is locked and unhappy heart” — Saviosantos

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From the above, Saviosantos is trying to imply that you can never be at peace as long as you are not in peace with others.

The reason is that, each time you see them, you will have an instant change of mood. It is therefore important you “make peace with all me”.

3. Knowledge of God

Nobody has ever had a knowledge of God and his life remained the same.

For you to live an easy life it is very crucial you know God. He is the only Being that gives fulfilments of heart, joy, peace and only He can approve your easy life living.

A good knowledge of God helps you feel content and also confident of where you will go after life.

Knowing God is by engaging Him seriously in prayers. You must live a prayerful life and do those things that He cherishes if you must have a knowledge of who He is.

Though God is visible in all our life activities. This ranges from seeing the light of a new day, doing many things in the day and still sleeping to rest and wake for the next day.

God is the only Being that approves of an easy life living and for this to be possible, you must know Him and do those things He approves of

4. Living a life of honesty

An honest life pays off a great lot. Do you wish to live an easy life? Then you must learn to live a life of honesty.

An honest person has nothing to fear. He is not afraid of accusations etc.

He walks freely wherever he is and because of this virtue that he possesses, people love and trust him.

It’s not easy to win people’s trust but when you are honest then you are on the track.

Honesty enables you to live an inexpensive lifestyle and this puts you on the track of being able to manage what you have both human and material resources.

5. Self-confident/believing in yourself

Believing in yourself also goes a long way in helping an individual live a simple life.

When you believe that you can achieve anything no matter the challenges, such self-confidence enables you to face that thing without struggle because you know that at the end, you will achieve your cause.

6. Self-respect

In order to live a simple life you must ensure you have Self-respect.

Self-respect has to do with the ability to control yourself, your actions, your emotions etc both in public and in private.

A less difficult lifestyle entails you must love and respect yourself in everything you do.

He who knows how to respect himself doesn’t find it difficult to respect others. Life becomes easy because in whatever you are doing, decency is applied.

7. Coordinated Selflessness:

According to Chikezie (2018), coordinated selflessness is an act of carrying everyone along without giving out your weaknesses.

A less difficult life can be ensured when you carry everyone along but you never let them infiltrate your privacy.

Irrespective of the fact that you are carrying your subjects along don’t ever make them realise your weak points.

Living an easy lifestyle is embedded on the way you treat yourself before people.

When people have no clue about your real self, you see yourself completely happy and also doing things your way without fear of any kind.

8. Always keep yourself happy

Another salient point here is to always ensure your uninterrupted happiness. 

Your happiness should always be your priority if you wish to live that life filled with less difficulties.

9. Avoid intoxicating relationships

There are some friends who do not deserve you. These groups of friends shouldn’t be allowed into your life.

Some group of people who call themselves your friends don’t find happiness each time something good wants to happens or wants to you.

A friend who doesn’t encourage you to do the right thing should be shown the exit door.

Your ability to live an easy life also lies on the kind of relationship you are keeping.

Try to make friends with people who thinks like you or friends who thinks above you. This will so much help you as they are on the same track with you.

Someone who is beneath you would always want to pull you down so that you could be in the same position with him.

These are intoxicating friends who do not wish for your success.

Cut away yourself from them and gain your complete less difficult lifestyle.


An easy life or a less difficult lifestyle is very difficult to attain especially when you are dipped into a difficult lifestyle.

It’s just like trying to change from a particular way of life.

But the truth is, with determination and consistency in learning new ways of life, you will completely move away from that lifestyle.

Therefore, for you to start living a simple life, it is advised you start putting into practice some of those points listed above.

Thanks for coming around and hope to see you in the next article.

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9 lifestyles that make life easy