Why having a girlfriend was my choice

 That I fell in love was my choice to make and shouldn’t be your headache. Having her as my girlfriend was what gave me joy.

It shouldn’t be a problem to you on why I should have a girlfriend.

A focus on your own lifestyle will do a very good job than interfering in another man’s life.

Whether she is beautiful or ugly, tall or short, dark or white, she is the one I have chosen to be my girlfriend.

Making her my girlfriend was my very big choice so don’t make it look like a big deal.

You advised me to stay away from women but at my back you have more than 4 boyfriends.

As a person, it’s never my style of complaining but your constant distractions are triggering my anger already.

Making her the love of my life, brother, is a choice and please allow me to deal with it.

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If you believe you are old enough to be in a relationship, it’s advisable you move into it.

What I can’t encourage is premarital sex. That one is a big NO NO NO NO.

Being in a relationship has one psychological deficiency it cures.

The kind of woman you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with shouldn’t be people’s decision but yours.

Gone are the days when parents dictate for their children the kind of woman/man they should live the rest of their lives with.

Being in a relationship gives you enough room to understand whom you want to get married to.

My simple advice: never date a person you are not ready to marry and never be in a relationship if you are not ready for parenting.

Finally, having a girlfriend is my choice. Any attempt of intrusion into my lifestyle will be regarded as a call for war. I will be ready to fight it with all I have got.

Having a girlfriend was the choice I made and it shouldn't be your headache

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