Tolu Akindele is a very beautiful young lady every man would have. She us also a hot disciplined sexy doctor

So I visited my mom who was earlier rushed to the Peaceful Day clinic.

I was at the office when I received a call from my house help that my mom fainted.

Without wasting any time, I quickly rushed to the clinic where she was admitted.

No love can be compared to that of a mother. It’s only an idiot that will neglect the importance of his mother.

When I saw my mom lying helplessly on the sick bed, I couldn’t do anything but to cry.

I felt a very soft hand placed on my shoulder.

While I was facing down, I gradually lifted my head to see who tapped me on the shoulder.

“Why are you crying as if she won’t make it?” the doctor asked while my head was still turning backwards in a slow motion.

When I fully turned to see who touched me you can’t believe whom it was.

It was Tolu Akindele, the same young beautiful lady in the medical department.

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Tolu is a very beautiful young lady almost all the boys on campus admired. In fact she was the dream of every young man in my school.

On many occasions I tried to make her notice my advances but she acted she never saw it coming.

As at that time, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. Was I in love with her or am I just obsessed with her beauty?

For more than 15 seconds I was staring at her with my mouth open.

Her ‘helloooo’ jolted me back to reality.

It’s obvious she couldn’t remember me but I completely remembered her.

She told me to stop crying that all will be fine.

She also invited me to her office so that we can discuss some other issues relating to my mother’s health. This discussion according to her will need us to sit.

To me, it was as if I was lost in the middle of nowhere.

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This is the same Tolu Akindele who has refused me the opportunity of having a one-on-one discussion with her let alone sitting down together.

I followed her to the office and there we discussed what she wanted us to discuss.

It was understood that my mother had a slight pain in the head which caused her a shock that resulted in her being unconscious.

After giving me some safety precautions which my mom must adhere to to avoid a second attack, she also prescribed drugs for her.

I thanked her so much and left to buy the drugs she prescribed and also get food for my sick mother.

When I returned, the doctor was already taking care of my mother who had just regained consciousness.

From the entrance of the ward I could hear my mother probing the young beautiful doctor.

“Are you married? she asked. 

“No”, the doctor replied.

“So you mean that a beautiful young lady like you with very great talent as this is not in any relationship?” mother asked again.

“Ma, I am not ready for any serious relationship now” Tolu replied.

“That is something my son will always do. Is either he will tell you that he is not  ready for any relationship or he will tell you that he has not met the right person” mother complained. “See I will even appreciate it if you would give my son a chance. I believe the both of you can make a better home” mom suggested.

This is the point where I came out from my hiding place and pretended as if I never heard anything.

“Ehee my son, thank God you are here. I was just telling the doctor something about you”, mother said.

I looked at the doctor and asked “so what is it about me that you guys were discussing”.

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While she sat down for what looked like a newly family discussion, one of the nurses rushed in to inform that there was an emergency that needed her urgent attention.

That was the last time we saw her until mom was discharged.

The next day I came to the hospital only to hear that she had traveled out of the country for a medical engagement.

Within me, I felt so angered that Tolu left the country without telling my mom and I.

“But why am I feeling this way? Tolu Akindele is not my girlfriend so why am I bothered?”

It was at this point that I came to realise that I was in love.

It was as if without her, my life was incomplete.

One month later, guess whom I saw at the shopping plaza. It was Tolu, the same beautiful doctor that has stolen my heart.

Luckily enough she was done buying what she needed I was already waiting for her at where she packed outside the plaza.

“Hi” I said, waving my right palm.

“O hi”, she reciprocated raising her less busy left hand.

Her car was packing right beside my own car and I went close to make my intentions known to her.

She was already admiringly standing close to her car.

When I got close, I reminded her of how beautiful she was and how any man would like to have her as a wife.

I asked her out for a treat and she obliged without hesitation.

Immediately I asked my driver to drive home and I joined Tolu in her own car.

After weeks of the plaza meeting, we were already dating.

I reminded her of how she snubbed me back in the day at school and how she also caused me sleepless nights.

Our moments together were great and finally, on the 22nd of December we wedded at SS Peter and Paul Cathedral.

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