The joy of committing suicide

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How to overcome the thoughts of committing suicide

For real? Can one ever be happy for committing suicide?
A good number of comedians has made interesting stories on suicide. A good example is the one made by Saviosantos and Demezico.
In the comedy video Saviosantos wanted to commit suicide so that he can become a celebrity.
Demezico on the other hand was confused when Saviosantos told him that he wouldn’t want to die but only to commit suicide.
You can feel free to watch the comedy video here.

A good number of people believe that committing suicide is the best way to overcome the problems of life.
It’s very unfortunate that they are harbouring the wrong thoughts.
Killing yourself can never give you that joy you are craving for.
Never you believe that when you take your own life that you are entitled to eternal happiness.
There is this news you wouldn’t want to hear. That news is that life on earth is far far better than life after suicide.
No one has ever had rest of mind after committing suicide.
There is no difference between a murderer and a person who took his own life.
You are a murderer the very moment you plan to take your own life. The reason is because you are planning on taking what you cannot give.
No one has any right to take any life (except lower animals that man was given the power to subdue by God).

Committing suicide is never the best option to overcome the things of this life.

Who told you that you will be happy when you kill yourself? There has never been a murderer, talk less of someone who took his own life.
If I must be honest, taken your own life is an act of foolishness and it’s never an option.
If you killed yourself because of this life what makes you think that God will accept you in heaven?
Mankind believes that heaven is the only place of rest after this life. So when you kill yourself what makes you feel that you will finally merit that heaven?

Have you heard of what happens to those sent to hell? That is the same thing that happens to those who commit suicide.
Earth is filled with hardships which prompted you to committing suicide. Now you are committing suicide to face in hell something more than what you are facing on earth.

Killing yourself is an act of wickedness and shouldn’t be heard of.

My dear, there is nothing about this life that is worth dying for. Not women, not wealth and not anything.
If you kill yourself you are just been wicked to yourself and to the people who will mourn you afterwards.
A lot of young boys have taken their lives because of one reason or the other. Depressions, pressure and poverty has sent a lot of people to their early graves.
I have been in this shoe before. Thrust me, I understand what you are passing through.

In my own situation, my family members were the ones pressurising me into committing suicide.
Not as if they were telling me to commit suicide, but their actions towards me always pushed me to taking my own life.
Sometimes they will be liking me to my age mates who had acquired massive wealth before me.
They keep on reminding me of how my mates have progressed in life and I am still there in square one.
This among many others made me sometimes conclude on taking my life.
When this thought of killing myself comes, something keeps on asking me; “of what use is it that after suffering here on earth you still suffer in hell”.
Honestly I will advise you to suffer here on earth and enjoy heaven.

How to overcome committing suicide

How to overcome the thoughts of committing suicide

The thoughts of committing suicide comes and over-shadows you only when you give it that permission.
It is therefore very important you learn how to resist it when it comes.

1. Run away from the thoughts of suicide

To avoid the thoughts of killing yourself you must learn to keep your thoughts away from those things that make you think about them. This is important because it is exactly the thing that makes you feel like dying.
Running away from those thoughts will give you the opportunity of surviving.

We are humans and we are known for adapting and surviving in every situation we find ourselves. Any man who is scared of what he faces in life and opt to take his life is nothing but a coward.

2. Learn how to let go

There are friends who do not encourage your survival. There are friends who do not support your progress. These groups of friends are part of those who are indirectly pushing you to end your life. The earlier you cut off your relationship with them the better for you.
They can be your family members. With respect to this, I am not encouraging you to stay away from your family but learn to stay away from those things that will make them keep on reminding you of how you’ve not been progressing. In other words, park your things and relocate to a different environment.

3. Get busy

Just like it was written in the Holy Book, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. You can’t tell me that you are busy with something and you are thinking of how to commit suicide.
When you are busy with something tangible your thoughts at that point in time are focused on that thing you are doing and the thoughts of killing yourself will never pop up.
Don’t wait for when the government will offer you a job else you will die of depression. Learn a trade or a handwork and become an employer of labour.
The more you sit and think of the bad government and how you have finished schooling and there is no job the more you continue getting closer to killing yourself.
Turn those thoughts promoted by idleness to something creative and profitable.

4. Let him/her go

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is not more important than your own life.
Killing yourself because your so claimed “lover” broke your heart is an act of foolishness.
Can I remind you of something? When you die, she/he will still find someone else.
Why do you want to take your own life because he doesn’t want you anymore? 
Listen, as long as he is not performing the function of air, food and water in your life, then killing yourself is an act of wickedness to yourself.
Let him/her go because he/she doesn’t deserve you.
Your boyfriend left you because he has finally come to realise that the both of you are incompatible. You also need to see it from that aspect. The both of you are incompatible that is the reason why you cannot be together.
This case is just like the case of Nigeria and Biafra. These are two incompatible nations but some bloodsucking demons in human flesh still wish they remained together.

The truth is the more you stay with him, the more you face challenges and heartbreaks. The best way is that you went your separate ways.
So you should never in anyway think of killing yourself because your boyfriend or your girlfriend left you for another person.


There is no joy derived at committing suicide. It’s just like falling from the frying pan into the burning flame.
You have a great future that awaits you and to attain it you must overcome lots of challenges. 
These challenges include those things that will push you into giving up.
Only the mind that perseveres gets to the final.
Thanks for reading and I hope someone is touched. Kindly share this to as many as possible.
Remain blessed.
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