Sex in the middle of the night

Sex in the midnight

She wanted it so badly that I had no other option but to leave her alone. She is greatly in need of the midnight sex but I am trying to avoid her so as to not to go against the doctor’s instruction.

The doctor warned that I should never have sex with my wife especially at this period she was discharged from the hospital after a major operation.

Why my wife doesn’t want to adhere to the doctor’s instructions is still baffling me.

She is still in serious pain as a result of the major operation and still she is wanting me to make love to her this midnight.

I love my wife so much and I can’t stand her feeling bad.

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I knew in advance that if I remained in the room I might go against the doctor’s instruction and complicate her issues.

In order to save my wife from herself I left the house to get some fresh air.

While I was resting outside the compound I began to hear a lady screaming for help.

I decided to take my time to avoid falling into a trap. Let it not be that I am falling into temptation because I denied my wife a midnight sex.

The screaming was becoming louder and I couldn’t help it but to attend to the young woman in need.

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Outside my gate, at the other side of the road was a lady lying helplessly and crying for help.

Quickly I ran to her help and took her straight to my house. Because it was very late at night and from my house to the hospital was an hour drive, I took her to my house.

My wife was shocked to see me bring in a woman who looked half dead.

In her mind she would be like “he denied me sex and now he has brought in a dying woman”.

Though my wife is a very caring woman. Irrespective of her own pains she still felt sorry for the stranger I just brought into our home.

Throughout the whole night my wife and I never slept. We ensured that the woman received all the attention she needed.

Around 5AM the next day, I took her to the hospital for proper medication.

The doctor demanded to speak with the real family members of the lady.

I drove back home just on the same spot where I found her last night. I thoroughly searched the area. After a long search, I finally saw her small handbag.

Her rappers didn’t get hold of the small bag. They were only able to steal her car and rape her half way dead.

I took the phone to the hospital and used her fingerprint to unlock the phone.

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After going through a series of contacts luckily I was able to find one written as ‘Treasure’.

Does it mean that she doesn’t have parents or husband or boyfriend? Why can’t I find any name bearing something romantic or something obvious like ‘daddy or my anything’?

I finally called the contact named Treasure and it was her mother at the other end.

I told her that I picked her daughter’s phone and that I work in a hospital. She should come as quick as possible to pick the phone else she wouldn’t see the phone again.

Because I was trying to save her from having a heart attack or heart failure I told her the lie.

Few minutes later, the woman arrived at the hospital with an envoy and walked straight to the reception.

The doctor met with her and broke the message to her.

Just like I feared, the woman fainted. Well thank God she fainted in a hospital and reviving her immediately was a problem.

When she regained consciousness they took her to see her daughter.

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The woman muttered in an angry tone that she must bring to book the culprits even though it was the last drop of her blood.

After the doctor had informed her of the role my wife and I played in saving her daughter, she was so grateful.

Weeks later, the young lady came to our house to appreciate us for saving her life.

After all the pleasantries, she gave me a letter coming directly from the office of the Minister of Aviation.

The letter carried an Appointment Letter requesting my service as a secretary to the Minister of Aviation.

Luckily enough my wife studied in school Aerobatic Engineering (A study relating to airplanes and flights) so I shifted the job to her.

We celebrated her safe recovery and also my wife’s new job in the Ministry of Aviation.

It was indeed a turn around for our family.

Thank God I denied my wife sex that midnight. If I had not, would I have been able to save Monica the daughter of Honourable Charles Emegha?

If I had not also denied my wife sex that night I would have complicated her health issue and also denied her the Ministry of Aviation job.

Just like it is said, sometimes blessings come wearing masks and looking dirty if one is not careful, you might deny yourself the opportunity of grabbing your blessings.

Indeed, that midnight sex my wife was denied of was indeed a blessing to the entire family.

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