Natural call that made me a millionaire


The call of nature that made me a millionaire

After work on Friday I rode back home with my sports bicycle.

This bicycle has been my companion right from the university days.

After school, I was able to secure a job that pays me N20,000 every month.

Though it’s really a small amount for a graduate like me but what should one do?

I needed the job so that I can settle some basic needs.

Though, while I was working as a waiter at the Kilimanjaro restaurant, I was still searching for a better job with a better pay.

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So back to the Friday evening when I was cycling back home, I began to have this rumble in my stomach.

I tried as much as possible to hold on to it but the pressure was too much.

From where I was my home was still very far. Instead of embarrassing myself on the road I decided to divert to the nearest thick bush and help myself out.

While I was answering the call of nature, I felt a bite on my butt.

Without hesitation I slapped the itching area. When I looked at my palm it was already stained with blood and a very small mosquito was lying lifeless beside the blood.

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When I felt my job in the bush was complete, I reached for a leaf to clean my butts with.

While pushing the leaves around looking for a better smooth one that will not cause any harm on my butts, then I saw a very giant black briefcase.

The briefcase was covered with leaves.

When I opened it behold it was filled with dollars. 

‘God has indeed blessed me’, I said to myself.

When I looked around and no one was on sight, I quickly ran to my bicycle and ran straight home very fast.

On getting home, I took my time to count the money and it was 15 million dollars.

My dear, that was how my life changed for good.

Later that day, the news had it that the governor of the state’s was attacked on his way to visit one of his daughters who just put to birth. 

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The hoodlums did not kidnap the governor but made away with the 15 million Dollars the governor had.

Well, this is the same governor that has refused to pay salaries and also refused to carry out his responsibilities diligently. 

His money is stolen and the the stealers don’t know the whereabouts of the money.

Now I am asking for your suggestions, do you suggest I returned this money to the government?

If not what do you expect me to do with it?

Thanks for response in advance.

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