Words of my father on how to become successful

My father's advice on how to become

My father is a great man filled with so much wisdom. To those who seek to become successful in life, this is what I learnt from my father.

“If any man looks at you and said you cannot succeed, just laugh at the person and walk away”.

My father will always tell me how everybody is created by the same God but with a different purpose.

Every man is created to serve a particular service to humanity which will return all glory to his Creator. Why then do you border on what someone else says about you? Someone who knows nothing about your creation.

It is only he who was there when you were created that can tell you if you will become successful in life or not.

Because no human being was around when his fellow human being was created by God then no human being has the right to decide who becomes successful or not.

“No successful man is possible without approval from his creator”

No man can become successful in this life if his Creator does not approve of such. That is to say before anyone can become an accomplished individual his God must give His consent.

Without God, you can never attain success no matter how hard you try.

Any thought of becoming prosperous, without God it can never come to fruition.

It is therefore necessary that you understand the role God plays in your life. To become an accomplished individual you need God.

“Environment plays a great role in accomplishing success”

My father advised me to learn to give up on my immediate environment if I feel it is hindering my success.

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To explain this further, he said that Lagos might not be a favourable environment for me to achieve my dreams I should therefore find a different environment that would appreciate my success.

Irrespective of the kind of friends you have, your immediate environment as long as it is not yielding any better fruit you better leave.

“Forget the mistakes of yesterday and move to what today holds”

My father told me that no successful man blames his yesterday’s failure.

If you must become successful then you must forget about yesterday’s problem and face today’s.

Learn from the mistakes of yesterday and ensure they don’t repeat today or tomorrow.

“Positive friends yield positive gain while negative does the opposite”

You become a successful person also has something to do with the kind of friends you keep.

Bad friends bring about bad results while good friends bring about positive results.

Just like the old wise sayings ‘a goat that doesn’t eat grass will start eating grass the moment it follows goats that eat grass’.

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Your friends make you no matter how hard you try. This is the reason why you must define your relationship with the people around you.

If none of your friends supports your idea of becoming successful then you have work to do. That work is to show them the exit door because they are not the type of people you need.

“Becoming successful demands sacrifice”

My father still believes that for one to become prosperous in life you will need to sacrifice lots of things.

You must learn to sacrifice your time and your treasure.

You give up something less valued to acquire something more valuable.

This is the way a successful man reasons. You can not wish to own a big mansion when you know that to acquire such you must sell the thatched house you live in.

Sacrifice the least important things to acquire the more or most important things.

Sacrifice here doesn’t mean ritual sacrifices. I am trying to talk about some of those things you feel are important but not as important as what you aim to achieve in future.

“Achieving greatness is pillared by consistency and hard work”

No man becomes successful in this life if he is afraid of failing again.

Failure is not bad but rather an opportunity to inform you that you need to do better.

If you tried something once and failed, there is nothing wrong if you tried it again.

Failing at the beginning should never discourage you from pursuing what you crave.

The more consistent you are the more you learn and understand the exact cause of your failures.

Put in more effort and the change you prayed for will come.

Of course in the Bible, a man persevered only to achieve something from a rich man and the rich man out of the man’s perseverance gave the man what he wanted.

Also in the Bible, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ encouraged us to persevere at all times we are begging something from The Father.

Whenever you want to achieve success don’t be discouraged because you didn’t get what you wanted at the first shot.

More efforts and consistency will land you to where you craved for.

In conclusion

Never be discouraged in your quest to becoming successful. Your ability to make your discouragements your ladder is your ability to achieve success.

Leave us a comment if this advice from my father had an effect.

I am Damian Sunday.

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