Living this style was my choice

 They wondered why I chose this kind of life. They never knew it was my choice.

I feel heartbroken when they made me abolish my lifestyle for a foreign one.

My indigenous lifestyle was truly indigenous to me.

It was my choice to become a man with the heart of softness. But they made me feel that I should have a stone one.

I chose to live this life not to satisfy you but to Praise the Name that is bigger than every other name.

Following my heart gave me reasons to believe that I was in the right direction.

Never allow anyone to ruin your day. 

Never allow what happens around the hood serve as a setback to your success. Your success should be your choice.

Following people’s reports about you and reading too much meaning to it does nothing but weigh you down.

A thorough non investigative lifestyle fears no people’s postulations.

Who am I? Is the right question and not, ‘what do THEY SAY I am?’

You determine who you are and don’t wait for people’s postulations to make you who you are.

Your lifestyle should be your choice and not what people feel you should be.

Evil has corrupted the ever beautiful mankind that God created.

It is therefore important you focus your life towards God and not on mankind.

Man is corrupt, his opinion about you no longer counts.

Killing yourself about what they would say is simply a waste of time and an insane reaction.

Suicide can never give you the happiness and the rest of mind you ever wanted.

Killing yourself is an act of wickedness to oneself.

This style of life I’ve chosen is what makes me happy. Any attempt to deny me this happiness is a call for war.

We are in this life together. Allow me to face my quota while you face yours.

Your ability to forgo yours and act as my distraction will be considered an act of intrusion.

Let me be, for this lifestyle I live is my own choice.

Living this style was my choice

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