Lack of patience took her life suddenly

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The student died because of lack of patience

Lack of patience has done so much atrocities in our today’s society.

It has made a lot of people visit their graves earlier enough before their designated times to die.

Patience is a virtue that everyone must posses irrespective of your discipline or field.

The University of Agriculture Bende popularly abbreviated or known as UAB lost one of her most vibrant students to lack of patience.

Sandra is a well decorated student in the Department of Agriculture. She is at her two hundred level and all her grades had remained astonishing.

One problem Sandra has is her parents inability to pay her school fees.

The only fee she has paid is the school’s Acceptance Fee which every new student must pay before heading into the lecture hall.

Her school fees for the first year was over N100,000 and this is second year yet there is no hope of payment.

Because of the pressure of ‘No School Fees Payment No Exam’ Sandra became so scared that she doesn’t know what to do.

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She tried her possible best to see if she could borrow from people. But who can lend you such amount of money when there is no hope of paying back?

Her roommates at the hostel felt pity for her and decided to help her.

They promised to introduce her to their business if only she is ready to cooperate.

Without any objections Sandra told them that she was ready to do anything.

That evening, they took her out to their normal joint. It was at the front of a very big hotel where people of high classes come to spend the night.

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Luckily for Sandra she met her first customer. A handsome gentle looking young man who was driving a very expensive car.

He called for her service and asked how much would she charge for a night.

She told him N10,000 and the young man promised to pay her N100,000 if only she will service him well.

This was her first time with a man but she was not never ready to spoil this golden opportunity.

She quickly entered the guy’s car and they drove to the hotel where he lodged.

The young boy noticed she was a novice in the game and he promised to take it easy on her.

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He brought out a briefcase filled with lots of money. He told her that he has changed his mind. Instead of giving her N100,000 he will triple it to N300,000.

She couldn’t contain her joy as she was sure that her first year and second year school fees are already on sight only if she would lay with this young man for just one night.

After all set and done, the boy gave the girl the money as promised.

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At the hostel, she dropped her bag and went to take her bath. On coming back, her phone rang. It was her father calling.

He called to inform her that one of her uncles who traveled overseas for years just forwarded into the family’s account a whopping sum of Ten million Naira.

When she heard the news she became sad. Her countenance changed after dropping the call. Within a space of 5 seconds she began to vomit blood.

While she vomitted blood, maggots followed. She vomitted lots of strange things including eggs, lizards, earthworm etc.

Her roommates were so scared and before they could rush her to the hospital she had already given up (died).

Few moments later, her parents entered town to hear that their daughter has died.

Tears overflowed in the hospital. Her roommates, friends and many others who were around never stopped crying.

We all know that bad news is easily circulated than good news. The entire school heard about the story of how a brilliant girl died after prostituting for just one night.

Investigations on the sudden death of Sandra showed that the cause of her death was spiritual.

It was related that the man she slept with in the hotel was a ritualist who uses the life of his fellow humans for money rituals.

Unfortunately, that very night which was Sandra’s first night as a prostitute became her last night as a human being.

It is very unfortunate that these days people no longer have patience.

No body is ready to work hard again. Everyone wants to pluck money planted at their backyards.

Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. You must work hard if you must really become successful in this life.

Assuming Sandra was patient enough, the money her uncle sent from abroad would have been enough to see her through school but unfortunately, she is dead because she never had patience.

To you reading this post, what are your means of survival? How do you cope even when their is no money? Remember that lack of patience always has an unfavorable ending.

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Work hard genuinely and wait upon the lord for He will never disappoint you.

Like it is written in the Holy Book, ‘he who waits upon the Lord waits not in vain’.

My humble advice is this, abstain from doing evil because it will never give you the comfort you crave for.

Remember, “the patient eats the fattest bone”.


Irrespective of how truthful this story appears it is completely fictional. Please disregard everyone form of familiarities for it was coincidental.

We are glad you learnt something from the story.

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