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 Developing trust for in people easy never easy but can be very easy and realisable.

It is also important to note that trust lost is very difficult to regain or win back.

It is one thing that is very difficult to have towards people, and when it is finally possible, you have made a great friend.

Having people to trust you is very simple but a very difficult task.

It is difficult because it is something that just a single act of yours can do and it is difficult because of the structure of our today’s society.

People hardly trust their fellow humans as a result of their relationship with other people.

Though as a human being, it is very important you are declared trustworthy else, you will miss lots of things.

Imagine a situation where due to lack of trust in you, what was meant for you was given to another.

When you lack trust, you cannot be allowed to handle leadership positions, or any managerial activity.

It is therefore important that you learn how to start making people trust you.

To learn how to make people start trusting you, I will really recommend you get hold of this book “HOW TO REGAIN TRUST” written by Christiana Elroy.

How to win back people's trust

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This book is content-rich that after reading it you will notice all your errors and how best to correct them.

This book will help to build your way of life if and only if you put into practice the instructions. And when this is done, people will start trusting you and your life will definitely change for good.

Like it is said in Igbo language “Ahia oma n’ere onwe ya” TRANSLATION: ‘Good market sells itself’.

The contents of the book as written by  will definitely help you develop that virtue (trustworthiness) but that is only if you put into practice what you have learnt from the book.

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How to win back the trust of a friend