How I married my father’s wife

 She was never the woman I wanted as a wife but my father insisted I married her.

Not as if she is not beautiful but because she is not the woman I wanted.

Father wanted this lady as a daughter-in-law but she is not the woman I want to marry.

His excuse was that she is from a reputable family and wouldn’t want any of his children to marry outside the bloodline of wealthy people.

Her father is a Nigerian senator and my father is also a lawmaker at the House of Representatives.

Whether I love her or not that is none of his business. He just wants me to marry her.

In this century parents are still forcing their children to marry people they don’t love?

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Because of the fear of being disowned by my father, I decided to oblige to his request.

The day I married Helen, that same day, problems of different kinds entered the family.

The wedding night was spent with friends in a restaurant found in the outskirts of the state (not with my wife).

I am not married to Helen because my heart and love is not in that relationship.

To me, I believe that I did not marry my own wife but my father’s wife.

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Since my father wants her alone as his daughter-in-law he should still go ahead and get her pregnant because I for one, have no interest in this marriage.

I tried to make my father understand what he is forcing me into but he paid deff ears.

My father wanted someone rich as a daughter-in-law but that is the clear opposite of what I want.

I wanted to marry out of love and not out of material possessions.

Helen possessed everything but she doesn’t have what I have seen in other ladies.

It has now balled down to me that I am to blame in the whole of this.

When my father was forcing Helen on me, I couldn’t do anything but rather was scared of being disowned. It therefore means that I was not mature for marriage.

Though I finally divorced Helen since the marriage was never working.

Even though it was hard for my father to accept, he still needed to accept it anyways.

On his threat of disowning me, he didn’t go ahead with that.

I finally married that woman of my choice and happiness has then been restored.

My humble advice

Do you want to get married? Marry the person you love.

Don’t marry because of material possessions else you will run out of that marriage.

Be matured enough before you start thinking of getting married.

Ensure that you are financially and Psychologically stable (mature) before you can start thinking of keeping relationship or marriage.

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