How I fell in love with my best friend

 From the very first day I met her, I realised I was in love.

The unhealthy mistake I made was not summoning the courage to approach her and tell her how I feel.

We became friends but I was still very scared to tell her that I was in love with her.

My affections towards her grew on a regular basis.

I could do anything just to keep her happy.

All these while, I was still unable to tell her that I love her.

It was her birthday and I have brought her a very nice necklace.

When I opened the door behold she was in a deep kiss with someone she introduced to me as her new friend.

At the time of the introduction she told me that nothing was going on between them but this action is saying otherwise.

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When I opened the door, it was as if life was taken from me. The woman I claimed to be in love with is in a very serious romantic situation with another guy.

I couldn’t bear the heartbreak. I quickly left banging the door from behind.

That disrupted their moment and she immediately followed me.

When she was able to catch up with me, she was shocked to see tears rolling from my eyes.

“It was my mistake. I never knew it would get to this extent” I said grudgingly.

She tried to calm me down and reminded me that we were just friends and nothing more.

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Because I swore never to make her feel bad or break her trust, I decided to let her be.

How I fell in love with my best friend

Honestly I was deeply in love with Theresa but my inability to tell her how I felt about her from the beginning was what got me into this mess.

After that incident I nearly committed suicide but thank God she was around to make me feel better.

Theresa faces heartbreak

After two months in their relationship, I met Theresa crying in my corridor.

When I took her inside I knew her relationship had hit the rock.

She caught her boyfriend red-handed with another lady in bed.

He even told her to her face that she was trash who cannot satisfy a man in bed.

I really felt for Theresa. Irrespective of the fact that I was still in love with her, this is not the time to take her back into another love trauma.

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She spent two days in my house trying to shrug off her emotional problems.

Within these few days I didn’t go to work only to ensure that my best friend doesn’t do anything nasty.

By the time she finally regained from her broken heart, she met me in the kitchen.

The way she was staring at me, I noticed something was fishy.

Before I could say a word, she was already kissing me.

I was shocked to see her moving into another relationship when she nearly died in her previous relationship.

The looks in her eyes passed a very strong message that she has finally fallen in love with me.

A long deep kiss was what followed after a long stair.

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We dated for one year and made it official on her next birthday.

We got married on her birthday and to her, it was the best birthday gift I could give to her.

It went down to history that I got married to Theresa, my best friend, something no one ever believed would happen.

What I am trying to say is that, if you are in love with someone, try and make a move.

Don’t sit down there and be thinking on how to summon courage. There may not be an opportunity like that again.

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