How I escaped the sexual temptation

How i escaped Rebecca's sexual temptation

Sitting on the well made cushion wearing bussers (men’s undies), my girlfriend walked in with her sexually attractive friend Rebecca. The sexual temptation is something beyond what my head could accommodate.

My attention which was focused on the television was shifted to Rebecca who was wearing a hot skin tight miniskirt.

I welcomed them and quickly went upstairs to wear something more decent.

Jane, my girlfriend retired to the kitchen to prepare some rice for everyone.

While I was coming out from my room, Rebecca was sexually walking towards me.

My goodness, this is a temptation that is highly irresistible.

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The sexual attraction of Rebecca is so alarming and I can’t break my promise to Jane.

This is me all alone with the most beautiful girl in Imo state.

Yes, Rebecca won the most beautiful girl in Imo state. It was a beauty pageant program hosted by the state government. And she won the “MISS IMO BEAUTY”.

Her advances towards me were so much that I find it difficult to think each time she came around.

My girlfriend’s call from the sitting room returned me to my senses.

If not for the call I wouldn’t know what would have happened because Rebecca was already on me.

At the dinning I never lifted my head to avoid eye contact with Rebecca who was already staring at me.

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My girlfriend noticed the long time I never said a word and she asked if I was okay.

I told her that I was fine, that I was just feeling a small pain around my neck.

She quickly stood up to massage my neck. After touching me for sometime, I told her it was okay.

Finally I was able to look up and also gathered the courage to look at the face of Rebecca.

The mealtime was over and we all retired to our rooms.

While I was with my girlfriend in our room I noticed someone was standing at the entrance but I refused to make any move.

I noticed it was Rebecca but I was trying to overcome the sexual temptation.

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The next day, Rebecca and Jane left and I was alone again.

Few hours later, Rebecca returned alone.

She has come to achieve what she has longed for since last night.

Before I could say a word she had already engaged me in a long kiss.

Finding it difficult to resist her, she led me to the bedroom and removed her clothes.

In the process of removing my own clothes, my eyes immediately went to Jane’s picture hanging on the wall.

That picture was enough courage for me to resist this sexual temptation.

I told Rebecca to wear her clothes and leave. She thought I was kidding and by the time I raised my voice, she realised that I was serious.

“What all men are begging for is what I want to offer to you for free but you prefer that ugly friend of mine”, she said.

I didn’t utter a word until she wore her clothes and left my house.

At this point I concluded that I have won this battle and am proud enough to be a faithful boyfriend.

When Jane came around I made her understand that I can’t leave her for any woman but did not relate what transpired between her friend and I a few days ago.

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My relationship with Jane grew on a daily basis.

Even until we married and had kids I never cheated on her nor has she cheated on me.

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