Things a man should never do to a woman in a relationship

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The things I see that happen among lovers these days makes me unhappy.

In a relationship, there are many things a man must avoid or stop doing to a woman.

Before we venture into our topic, I would like to tell a very short real life story which lead to the essence of this discussion.

For obvious reasons, I will withhold the real name of the persons and places involved in this story. 

So names of people and places used in the below story are fictional but the story itself is a true life story.

Backfire of Privacy Intrusion

Jenifer was so happy when her boyfriend invited her over for the weekend.

It was the very first time she was to visit her boyfriend Mr Tule.

For more than a month they’ve dated, she had longed to know where he was staying.

This invitation brought so much joy to her.

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It made her believe that Mr Tule so much love her and is making plans to gradually bring her into his home.

From the look of things, Jenifer is 100% ready to be married to Mr Tule.

In the afternoon hours of Friday, Jenifer arrived at Mr Tule’s house.

With so much happiness, Tule welcomed her and made her feel at home.

The night of Friday passed and as expected, the normal premarital bed relationship among lovers took place.

Saturday afternoon was so blessed with less noise as the love birds where seen on the bed.

They were both discussing about themselves and Jenifer’s phone distracted the discussion.

Quickly, Jenifer went outside to take the call.

By the time she returned, Mr Tule enquired who the caller was and Jenifer refused to tell.

Mr Tule never stopped asking who the caller was and Jenifer never obliged.

Her doggedness made Mr Tule so angry that he ended up beating her.

When the young lady could not bear the pain anymore, she faught back.

To Tule, it was an act of disrespect for a lady/woman to fight back when she is being corrected.

With that anger, he ran into his room, pulled up his pistol and shot Jenifer at her vagina.

When he realised what he has done, he quickly rushed her to the hospital.

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The family of Jenifer heard about the incident and couldn’t wait for further information.

They quickly got to Mr Tule’s house and razed it down.

The angry mob killed Tule’s parents and every living thing within sight in that compound.

As for Tule, he had ran for his life.

Things a man shouldn't do to a woman in a relationship

Back to Our Discussion

When I said that there are things a man should never do to a woman in a relationship, I meant every word.

1. Punch bag

A man is supposed to treat every woman with respect and not seeing them as punch bags.

The woman you have married is your soul mate and not your wrestling or boxing opponent.

Punch bags here simply means that you must stop beating your wife or girlfriend.

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What ever she is to you, as long as she is a woman, she should never be harmed.

It’s true that a woman’s mouth runs faster than a Ferrari and this provokes more the anger of a man.

I still repeat, nothing on this planet earth should make you beat your wife or girlfriend.

2. Privacy Intrusion

Men do believe that when they are in a relationship everything about the woman is theirs.

Unfortunately, this a self-told lie or a very wrong orientation.

Every woman owns herself. You shouldn’t in anyway think that everything about her is yours.

Just like the above story, Mr Tule believed that everything about Jenifer belonged to him so he will do with her as he pleases.

At the end of the day, Tule is on the run and let me say, he got what he asked for.

Every woman’s privacy must be respected at all times.

If she denies you access to any of her property kindly respect that decision.

3. Locking them out

This is another wrong attitude from a man to a woman.

Always give a woman the opportunity to have a say in a discussion.

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Don’t always conclude. Allow her to suggest her input. You wouldn’t know, her suggestions might come up as the best.

Therefore, it is very very wrong to shut a woman out in every discussion.

4. Over Dependency

If you are blessed with a rich girlfriend, thank God but don’t see it as an opportunity to suck her dry.

If you are blessed with a girl who knows the level of your pocket and still accept to stay with you, thank God but never betray that love.

In our today’s society it is very difficult to find a woman who had no interest in material things.

Never depend on your girlfriend to survive. Always try your best to live up to expectations.


Every woman deserve to be treated like an egg.

Show them the love that they truly deserve.

Every woman in the life of a man is a blessing except when you get entangled with the wrong one.

A woman is like a kid who would want the best things of life.

Provide her with these good things if you believe you can provide them for her. But if you can’t, make her understand the real truth.

A woman is not your punch bag, treat her with love and kindness.

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