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How I sealed my school and married my student

As the new chemistry teacher for SS2 class, I tried my best to create a good relationship with the students.

It was reported that their previous chemistry instructor resigned from duty for personal reasons.

Due to the fact that SS2 was a senior class, the school needed a new teacher that can take them up on the subject.

Luckily enough, I submitted an application letter when the school was in dear need of someone from my field of study.

In this country, it is one thing to graduate from school and it is another big problem to have a well paying job.

After submitting my application letter on Friday, I received a text message requiring me to come for an interview on Monday.

After the interview on Monday, the school administration confirmed that I was indeed a master of the subject.

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According to them, I was indeed the kind of person they sought for.

They took me to SS2 class for a teacher/Students introduction.

After that was done, I started teaching.

Having gone deep into the lesson, one of the students who happens to be the youngest in the class raised her hand to ask a question.

When I gave her audience I received the most embarrassing question of my life.

“Sir, when shall we start knowing where you live?” Anita asked.

At first, I never understood the meaning of her question then I asked her to explain what she meant by that.

“Sir, why are you acting like a novice? She asked “All our male teachers love to sleep with us and we enjoy their company. So when do you want us to start coming over?” she asked again.

As if I knew what was on ground I said, “is that true? Then we shall talk about that after this class. But before then, all of you must promise to pay attention while I teach this topic”.

They all accepted and the class continued.

At the end of the lesson I asked Anita to meet me at the office and she was so happy I called her.

Within me, I wondered what could be wrong with this girls that they can even talk about having sex in the open.

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I forgot to tell you, my school is a girls secondary school owned and managed by the state government.

Anita visits my office

Anita is the youngest (15 years of age) and the most beautiful in the whole of SS2.

By the time she visited my office, she was already unbuttoning her shirt.

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“Don’t be too fast,” I said while closing her buttons. “I would like you to tell me some certain things about your school”.

“Anything for you my baby” she said.

Even though I was annoyed by that statement, I still played along.

From our discussion, I noticed that eventually, all the administrative officers of the school have slept with all the girls in the school.

And they also tell the children never to inform their parents about it.

After talking with Anita, I asked her to return to her class and promised to take her to my house when next I call her. 

I told her that I was a shy type and shy to do it in school.

She accepted and returned to her class.

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After two weeks of thorough investigation, I came up with the findings that truly, the administration and members of the school staff had turned the students into sex slaves.

Having gotten the relevant information I needed, I wrote to the state government and an immediate action was taken.

All staff of the school were arrested and the school was completely sealed till further notice.

The orchestrators of the abominable acts were sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and a new administration came into existence.

I never went back to that school again.

Few years later, it has finished raining and everyone has pulled out from where they took shelter from the rain.

I was walking down home and a car splashed water on me.

The driver stopped to apologize and behold it was Anita, my former student.

She apologized for splashing water on me and insisted she drove me home with her expensive car.

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After she dropped me at my gate, she collected my contact and promised to call me.

How she made her money was something I couldn’t comprehend.

After all, it’s been more than 8 years and she must have graduated from the higher institution. That is if she ever attended one.

Weeks later, we were already having dinner.

There, she told me how she completely changed to a good person when I came into their lives.

She told me that she manages one of the most outstanding banks in the country.

My words of advice to them back in the day at school was something she never stopped to talk about.

The relationship began to move from a mere teacher and student relationship to a more serious romantic one.

We got married and till today, getting married to my former student is something I have never stopped to thank God for.

I never knew that my words of advice were actually having a root in the lives of my students.

To you as a teacher

What role do you play as a teacher in the lives of your students?

Your learners are placed under your guidance, what exactly are you teaching them?

Thank you for reading this story and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Story of how I sealed my school and married my student