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Nnamdi Kanu speaks again about Biafran government

In today’s story, the leader of the IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again spoken about the Biafran government.

Lots of people have feared about the dominance of one particular ethnic group (Igbo) when the Biafra is finally restored.

Kanu in his own words has warned people against harbouring such thoughts because the Biafran government will completely be democratic in nature.

The leader also reaffirmed that there will be no majority or minority group mentality when Biafra is restored.

He also went further to inform the public that the sovereign state of Biafra will be a democratic, pure confederal state and also composed of microNations within the Biafran territory.

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Nnamdi Kanu also made it clear that every nationality will be a majority in their own political space.

In his own words Kanu said;

“It is my principled stand that  Biafra shall be a secular, democratic & pure Confederation, composed of the constitutive Nationalities or micro-Nations that are within the territorial space of Biafra. A Union of equal nations in perpetuity”. 

“No nationality, not even the majority, will be dominant. There will be no minority ethnic group. Irrespective of size and population, every nationality will be a majority in their own political space”.

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“For better understanding, refer to the constitutions of the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. This is my testament”.

“Purifying the black mind of the vestiges of colonial conquest, defeatism and subjugation such as One Nigeria”.

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Nnamdi Kanu speaks again about Biafran government