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  This is the story of Jerome who regretted never getting married to a woman from Umuaka.

Umuaka is a suburban area located in between Owerri and Orlu.

Umuaka is under Orlu zone and will definitely be a great city in Orlu when Biafra is finally restored.

The issue bordering on Biafra is not what we are to discuss today but to learn something from the mistake Jerome made when it was time for him to get married.

Enough of the boring words let’s head down to the story.

Why I regretted not marrying from Umuaka

Why I regretted never marrying from Umuaka

After I left Rivers state for Imo state, I worked in one of the famous hostels. 

In the hotel I was made the manager and my salary was five times better than what I was paid in Rivers state.

In five months of working as a manager in the hotel, I have already bought land and started building my family home.

Also at the hotel I met Kate.

Kate was a very sophisticated young lady whom from her ascents indicated she travelled a lot.

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That Tuesday evening she lodged in our hotel and when I saw her, my heart skipped.

The kind of car she came in with if sold they can buy me with it.

To add it up, Kate was so beautiful.

Our discussion started the moment she received her room key from the reception. It fell from her hand and I picked it up for her.

For more than 3 seconds we stared at each other.

When we regained consciousness, she apologized for nothing and the portal guy led her to her room.

The next Wednesday early morning I was doing my routine all-round supervision before leaving for the day.

When I got to the gym hall she was already there keeping fit.

Well I am not good at gyming but I ensured she recognised my presence.

I can’t really remember what really happened and she agreed to give me her contact.

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From getting her contact we became very close. From becoming very close we became lovers.

While I was still working as the manager of the DURO Hotels my girlfriend (Kate) was also sending me money.

She told me that she would want me to have my own hotel so that I can stop being an employee but rather an employer of labour.

To me, I have seen my better half and nothing on this planet earth can make me stop loving her.

Where the whole Problems started

I have so much heard about Umuaka but I have never been there.

On a very good day, I decided to travel to the homeland of the woman I have made up my mind to marry.

But before I could go, I was already discouraged by friends.

They told me about so many atrocities attributed to the people of Umuaka.

I learnt that their women don’t last in marriage and that stealing and begging is in their genotype.

I heard so much that my ears could not carry again.

From the view of things, it’s obvious she was never the owner of the cars she grooves around with and it’s possible she got them through prostitution or stealing.

For two months I ended communication with her and in the third month she came around to see me.

At her visit I told her that I was no longer interested in the marriage.

She thought I was kidding but noticed the seriousness from my actions. I even ordered her out of my house because I don’t want to have anything to do with someone whose blood is mixed with stealing and prostitution.

She couldn’t believe I would tell her such a thing and quickly she ran out of the compound.

To me, I have finally succeeded in letting her out of my life and now I can continue with my marriage plans with Cynthia.

Two months  after I had already married Cynthia.

As for Kate I don’t care to know anything about her not until the day she came to invite me to her wedding.

At her arrival, I saw a flip of sophisticated cars which served as a convoy to Kate.

When she came out from one of the very beautiful cars she greeted me with all humility something Cynthia has never done ever since we got married.

It is a normal thing for Kate to always greet like that.

Why I couldn’t marry her is now what I could not remember.

By the time I ushered her in she refuted because she was in a haste.

She gave me an invitation card to her wedding.

By the time I opened the card, behold she was never what I thought she was.

Her full name was Princess Kate Obiora the daughter of His Royal Majesty Eze PNC Omenka the Royal Highness of Umuaka kingdom.

Not only that she was a princess in disguise, she is also getting married to the last son of the state governor.

Before she left, she handed a car key to me as a gift that accompanied the letter of invitation.

Until she left, my mouth never closed in deep shock.

The woman I was supposed to marry is now getting married to the son of the state governor.

Even until after five years of my marriage I never stopped to blame myself for making a marital mistake.

For these two years I have never known any peace of mind from Cynthia. Every day is a new trouble. In fact, marrying Cynthia was a very huge mistake.

My simple advice for you

Mistakes in marriages are so deadly that one must try to avoid them from the beginning.

No one should discourage you from what you want.

Because I paid attention to what people said about the people of Umuaka I intentionally lost my jewel.

It’s true that every society has an atom of one menace or the other but that shouldn’t serve as a factor why you should not marry the woman you love.

What bad feelings do you have against the people of Umuaka? kindly drop it. Those set of people are peace loving and also accommodating.

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