Because of fufu, Mr Ikedi relocated from Dubai to Nigeria
Mr Ikedi relocated to Nigeria from Dubai because of fufu

There is nothing this African food will not cause. Even to the extent of relocating someone back to his home country.

Mr Ikedi Okoro of Ngor in Ngor Okpala local government area of Imo state has returned back to Nigeria after two weeks in Dubai citing fufu as the reason.

Mr Ikedi was said to have traveled to Dubai on the 16th of February 2021 and returned two weeks after his travel.

People and neighbours were shocked to see him return after two weeks of his travel and when they asked, he simply said that he couldn’t find fufu in that area.

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Mr Ikedi altered his stay in Dubai only to come back home to continue eating fufu.

Fufu is an African delicacy made from cassava. You can see how fufu is prepared.

Many people criticised him for being so naive. Some claimed that he threw away a golden opportunity to escape poverty in Nigeria.

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To Mr Ikedi, all that people were saying about his trip to Dubai does not matter, all that was important to him now is that he is back to continue eating his cassava made food.

When asked about how life was in Dubai, he confirmed that life was fine and worth living there.

“The truth is that, over there in UAE, life is sweet to live but the truth is that home is far better than that area”.

“How can you wake up in the morning and someone will tell you that what you will eat in the morning is tea”.

“At Least I don’t have any problems with that one but what  irritates me most is that, in the afternoon they will feed you with tomatoes and other petty petty food that will make you shit out all your intestines”.

“After two weeks, I realised that Dubai was not for people like me”.

“I can’t live in a land where I don’t have access to eating better food like loiloi (fufu)”.

“People can go ahead and talk whatever they want, all I know is that I can’t sacrifice myself because of food”.

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“At least, whenever they ask a question about those who have traveled to Dubai I will be proud enough to raise my hands”.

The proud Ikedi is an owner of a growing cocoa plantation in Ngor Okpala and he has vowed to prove to people who believe that one can’t make it wherever he finds himself.

To him, he can still become successful in the village even without living or traveling to Dubai. 

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