How I lost my birthright to my yahoo younger brother

Hi there! How are you doing? It is another great moment at Nekenwa Stories. The story you are about reading is the story of Elon who lost his birthright to his younger brother who is also a Yahoo boy.

How he lost his birthright is what you will find out in this short story.

Let’s get going!

My parents gave birth to five (5) of us in the family and I was the eldest. Not as if I later became the youngest I’m still the eldest don’t mind my grammar.

We were three boys and two girls. After the three boys then came the two girls.

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Among my siblings great joy existed. Irrespective of the fact that we do sometimes have misunderstanding among ourselves, we still get along.

Right from childhood I have always displayed this seniority and leadership role among my siblings. My act in every situation is usually recognised and much respect accorded to it.

You dare not harm my younger ones without first reporting the case to me as their elder brother.

The much needed protection I gave to my younger ones gave my parents enough confidence that I can take of them in their absence.

My parents can travel to the village for months without fear because they believe that another parent (me) is taking good care of his siblings.

Loosing my birthright to my younger brother were all the making of my father simply because my kid brother made very huge amount of money while I still roam the streets searching for a job.

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My little brother does nothing for a living if not keeping vigil all nights pressing the computer and looking for a prey.

He is online to find anyone who can easily fall into his trap.

If you are a lady, you will be scammed through fake love and if you are a boy, you will be scammed either by telling you what to do in order to become rich or making an unredeemable promise to the expense of the money in your bank account.

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His first attempt as a Yahoo boy I heard he made N100,000.

I tried to advise him as a brother to desist from scamming people but each time I tried to discourage him from that my father will always back him up and begin to rain abusive words on me.

Because I receive insults at all times I tried to put my younger ones on the right track, I packed out of the house.

In order not to bring enmity between myself and my family I decided to leave the house in peace.

How my birthright was denied of me

When I heard that my kid brother in his second attempt cashed out Seven Hundred Million Naira and is already building a house, I went to celebrate with him.

On getting to the site, I was lost in deep tears.

My father had given my own portion of the land to my younger brother to build his house.

I approached my father to know why he did what he did and he said “until you wake up”.

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At first, I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘until I wake up’ not until after few seconds the meaning of the words started dangling in my head.

I left the building site so heartbroken. Due to the emotional trauma, I never knew the way to my kitchen until after two days.

My life outside my home

I live outside my community and the teaching job I had was enough for me. Even though the salary was meager, I still derive joy from what I do.

I promised myself never to be involved in any illegal activity in the name of making money.

This is one of my moral principles which I have also taught my students to emulate.

Every right of a first born which I was supposed to enjoy in my family were shifted to my younger brother simply because he has made money.

God bearing me witness, never in one day did I envy my little brother neither did I hated him for been happy for enjoying my own birthright.

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The only promise I made to my father was that he will live to reap the fruit of his labour.

From my six months salary savings, I started a mini poultry farm where I lived.

Though it was a difficult task setting it up as many discouragements arose. This included; space for the birds, the odor from the poultry which will be inconvenient for my neighhbours but after everything, they all got used to it.

All my birds died after the first four months due to mismanagement.

That did not discourage me. I was so keen to proving to my father and to all that cared that there are also better ways to make money without scamming people.

I brought in new chicks again and this time ensured I gave them the best care they needed. After the first seven months, my birds had started laying eggs.

I had 50 birds at the beginning and then I rented a small piece of land which I converted to my small growing poultry relocating it from where I live.

I sold more eggs, incubated more and had more chicks.

Months passed and I was gradually becoming a big poultry owner.

After three years, I bought a very large land which accommodated different species of birds. Also, started a fish pond which payed off.

From the profits made from my farm, I was able to buy another land where I built my home.

I made lots of money from which I also used to bail out my yahoo younger brother who was arrested in the UK for a Cyber crime.

Before this time, his house was used as a collateral to borrow money from the bank which was not also enough to bail him.

I paid the debt they owed the bank and got back his house. I gave him back the keys to the house and encouraged him to start up a better job and stop duping people.

My father never stopped blaming himself for being after material things rather than teaching his children the right ways to make wealth.

I cannot ask my younger brother to release my land for me because it is now useless to me.

I have lands in almost all the 36 states in the country and there I had different branches of my growing farm. So requesting for the release of that piece of land, to me, will be greed.

That is my story. Though it was my birthright that was denied of me but not my blessings which God had kept in stock for me.

Wealth made from genuine hard work pays better than wealth acquired from illegality.

Parents should realise their positions in the lives of their children and also know that they are the forerunners of their children.

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