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mom dealt me for getting pregnant during Coronavirus

62 year old Amanda shared her story of how her mother dealt her for getting pregnant during the covid-19 saga.

The issue of Coronavirus otherwise called Covid-19 is no longer breaking news.

The virus has been in existence since 2019 and was declared a pandemic by the WHO in 2020.

This story is the story of Amanda who became an intense dislike to her mother for getting pregnant during the Covid-19 era.

From this story, it will be clear that not all pregnancies are acceptable.

Getting pregnant after marriage is a gift and must be appreciated but before marriage is indeed a pain in the head.

So let’s jump down to Amanda’s story of getting pregnant during the Covid-19

“It happened that very day when I began to feel unwell. To me I was suffering from malaria but the evolution of the Coronavirus made it difficult for anyone to believe that I was having just malaria”.

“People were distancing themselves from me. My mom was afraid but summoned the courage of taking me to the hospital”.

“Because of what people thought about my health, I began to have mixed feelings. I started asking myself questions like; what if it’s true that I was suffering from Covid-19? What will happen to the people I have already come in contact with?”

“These questions and many others I was unable to provide any possible answer to”.

“When we got to the hospital the doctors and nurses were already completely wrapped in their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)”.

“On the way they treated us it was as if my mother and I were already carriers of the deadly virus”.

“One of the doctors attended to us and my mother narrated to him my situation”.

“The doctor took a sample of my blood to run a blood test on. This is to ascertain what was wrong with me”.

“Few minutes later he returned and told us that I was Covid-19 negative”.

“This information settled the heavy fear in our minds and my mom then asked about what was wrong with me”.

“The doctor announced that I was only pregnant. That the symptoms shown earlier was a symptom of a 4 weeks old pregnancy”.

“This message got my mother mad. She pretended as if all was well until we got home”.

“I am the only surviving child of my parents and my father died a few years ago”.

“My mother locked me up in the room and threatened to kill me and also kill herself if I don’t tell her who got me pregnant. Before this, she had already beaten me beyond recognition”.

“I couldn’t bear the shame of telling her that I was impregnated by my classmate Jude”.

“Jude is my classmate and also the son of my school principal. He joined our school in our SS2 when his father was transferred to our own school”.

“He is so handsome and I didn’t waste any time to say yes when he told me that he was liking me and would want us to be lovers”.

“My mother’s threat and the seriousness in her eyes made me tell her the bitter truth which will remain a shock to her”.

“She nearly had a heart attack when I told her that the person responsible for my pregnancy was Jude the only son of my school principal”.

“That is the biggest shame my family has ever had. That I got pregnant during the Covid-19 era was not the problem but to an adolescent”.

“An adolescent who doesn’t know his left and right. A child who is still under the care of his parents”.

“A promising child like me has brought shame upon my family. Indeed, it was never expected of me”.

“When the principal was made known about this incident he called the attention of his son to ascertain the truth directly from him”.

“It will shock you to hear that the boy who took away my virginity and pride denied ever having anything to do with me talk less of being in a relationship with me”.

“Before we could know what was happening, the principal backed his son and ordered us out of his house”.

“On many occasions I tried committing an abortion my mother stood as a stumbling block. Even when I tried committing suicide, she was always there to stop me”.

“My mother died a few months later as she could not live with the pain I caused her”.

“After her burial, I went to Abia state to live with one of my uncles who was not yet married but was doing well with his poultry farming”.

“He knew what I was passing through and also knew that this time I needed a parent more. He took me in and treated me like family”.

“I peacefully gave birth to my son and my uncle started a small business for me”.

“After a few years, I relocated to a different place with my child who is now five years old”.

“This happened because my uncle has finally found a wife and I can now take care of myself and my son with my business which is now booming gradually”.

“Irrespective of the fact that I was no longer in his house, my uncle still visited just to ensure that we are fine and don’t feel the death of my parents”.

“My son grew up and wanted to know who his father is. I couldn’t stop him now because he has come of age and is free to make his own decisions”.

“I took him to his father who is now married to someone else”.

“Jude tried to lay a claim on my son and before he could make any attempt my son told him that he was here only to know him in person and should never think that he is coming into his life to answer his name”.

“My former principal who is also the grandfather of my son tried to use his old man’s wisdom on him and my son told him that he knows where he is driviy at but he has made his decision”.

“We stood up, entered our car and drove home”.

“Sorry I did not mention this earlier, my son is the owner of ‘GET WELL NOW HOSPITAL‘. This hospital is said to be the biggest in the whole of the country”.

“I really thank God for how life has turned out. Would this have happened if I aborted my son? I doubt”.

“My simple advice to all singles out there, don’t do anything to tarnish the image of yourself and that of your family”.

“No child is a mistake. Give them the best care they deserve irrespective of how they came”.

“God bless you for reading my story. I am Amanda Okorie, a single mother and a single grandmother”.

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My mom dealt with me for getting pregnant during Coronavirus – 62 year old Amanda