How an abandoned child ended the 17 year old barrenness

 My name is James Onyedikachi. I want to tell the story of how my neighbours who have been married for 17 years without any child received their blessings.

My neighbours, Mr and Mrs Austin Nnadi are from Ekwe in Isu Local Government Area of Imo state but we all live in Owerri the capital city of Imo state.

Irrespective of the fact that they were barren, they still lived happily.

But from the way things are going also, no one needed to be told that they were looking for the fruit of the womb.

According to Mrs Nnadi, her husband had refused to adopt any child with the belief that God will bless him some day with his own child.

He always uses the case of Abraham and his wife Sarah in the Bible as an example. Mr Nnadi will always say, 'if God can bless Abraham and Sarah at that kind of age with Isaac, then who am I not to wait upon the Lord?"

This statement has always chased detractors away at all times they advised him to take a new wife.

Meanwhile, in many hospitals they visited, the results remain the same. Nothing is wrong with the husband and wife medically that could deter them from having babies.

I believe that it was enough reason why the man never listened to what people told him about his marriage and why he decided not to adopt any person's child.

But a particular Thursday early morning changed the whole story.

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My exams were fast approaching and as a normal thing I usually go for night classes at my school and return as early as possible so that I could prepare for the new day.

After reading my books the Wednesday night, I left for my home the next early morning.

I decided to trek from Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education (my school) to my lodge which was situated at Amakohia very close to the flyover.

When I got close to the dustbin which was sited very close to the Amakohia market popularly called Ahia Amakohia, I began to hear the cry of a baby.

I took my time to know where the sound was coming from. 'who is this mother that would not want to breastfeed her baby instead allow him/her to cry out the whole neighborhood?' I kept asking myself.

I tried to follow the sound and the more I drew closer to the dustbin, the closer the baby's cry become.

When I got very close to the dustbin, I saw a carton of indomie which I presumed was empty but was tied with a green linen (at this point the baby had stopped crying).

When I tried to touch the carton, the baby started crying. Quickly I opened the carton and behold it was an abandoned child in the carton.

I felt pity for the child. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I wondered why some mothers could be this heartless.

Immediately I took the baby to my house and called upon Mrs Nnadi.

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Since she is a woman, she would know how to take care of a baby.

After taking good care of the child that night, the next morning we took the child to the nearest police station to make an entry.

To my greatest shock Mr Nnadi told the officers that he would want to keep the child as his legitimate son.

After signing some few documents the boy legitimately became the son of Mr and Mrs Nnadi.

They named him Kamsiyochukwu which means "God did it for me the way I asked of Him".

They brought the child home and people around rejoiced with them.

Within a gap of two years, Mrs Nnadi had conceived and given birth to set of sextuplets (6 babies) at the same time.

How an abandoned child ended the 17 year old barrenness
Mr Nnadi and family

The joy of the family knew no bounds. Everyone rejoiced with them, including those who thought they would never give birth.

That same year, Mr Nnadi got a well paying job which first 3 months salary was enough to build them a new home.

Indeed, Kamsiyochukwu was a God sent blessing to the family of Mr and Mrs Nnadi.

What could make a woman abandon her child at birth is what I still can't comprehend.

You will carry your baby for 9 months, pass through the pain of child delivery yet you still have guts to throw him a way like a piece of trash.

Well, irrespective of the fact that this story is fictional, telling the story was made necessary so that ladies who abandon their babies after birth should desist from it.

Every child is a gift to their family and has a role they play.

The moment you discard your own child that's the moment you have discarded the main person destined to help in a particular situation.

No matter how disfigured or not the baby is, every person is created for a purpose.

As a lady, imagine your mother discarding you when she gave birth to you. Or imagine being left in the dustbin to the mercy of those rubbish people throw away.

My dear, when you have a child, treat him/her well because there are people out there who don't have and they are ready to do anything, I mean anything to have one.

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